Nov 082015

Wildstar eyepiece

This week we get the gang back together and do a special episode of Wildstar Radio! Welcome to Casual Core Radio, where we talk about MMOs and oh, nope, just Wildstar today because this is Wildstar Radio!

MMO News


Official Stuff:

F2P: Obs

PvP Event

Shades Eve – Lore / TRAILER HOLY SHIT

Game Changes (via features trailer)

Player Run Events (NBD, ThaydFest, etc.)

In the News:

Ten Ton Hammer Article on Returning

The Content Tracker!

Problems at Launch (also, compared to others!)

“Speculation” on Consoles


MMO Community


Who’s left in the podcast community:

Geeks of Nexus are back








Intro Review Video from Mr. Happy

Da Peeps

Mayor DasMoose (@mayordasmoose)

Doom Kitty (@doomkittyentity)

Chestnut Stonebough (@ggschestnut)


Contact Us



This week’s end music is Justice Doesn’t Always Wear a Badge by Jeff Kurtenacker from Wildstar.

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With people finally starting to ding at 50 and the basic lore of both factions and Nexus becoming common knowledge, the RP community is finally starting to ramp up. First timers to the community are ready to spread their wings and start public interaction or even apply to some of the many RP guilds that have popped up. As we’ve already gone over the Do’s of building a character, there are some lines that are important to keep in mind when both creating your new toons and interacting with others. While role-playing is a sandbox for everyone, especially in a world like Wildstar, it is still vital to know the ‘Do-Not’s’ that will help you have strong, fun, and interesting characters. So lets dive right in:

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