Dec 132013

Phineas & Crew

Protostar Corporation has put it’s seal of approval on the Epic NDA drop on information about happenings around Nexus. That’s right! Unless you have been living under a rock, the press NDA has dropped on information for levels 1-15. Please remember this is about beta and that any information/game features seen in these links or upcoming articles are subject to change before launch.

Seriously, we would like to thank our friend Arawulf at Wildstar Fans for sharing the following information.  It was such a great compilation that we saw no reason to recreate another list. Continue reading »

Apr 152013

This week Carla returns and visits with her cohosts Drew and Joe! They are joined by special guest Mike aka Arawulf from They jabber on about server infrastructure (well, Joe jabbers about that), the start of Closed Beta, item slots, and other cool Wildstar-y things. Hit the jump for links and fun!

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Mar 242013

Welcome to Episode 7 of our podcast! Where’s 6? Under super-secret wraps. Or maybe under an Aurin. It’s the ears, y’know? Anyway, this week Carla, Joe & Drew talk about the other super-secret stuff, like: