Aug 022013



And just when you thought I’d forgotten…  Ta da! I’m back with another fabulous interview! When I was at Arkship in February, I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the Carbine folks. They are some of the most awesome people you’d ever hope to hang out with. Troy Hewitt is no exception and I was impressed with his enthusiasm and genuine interest in what the players think and want. Having a responsive production team is so going to be the icing on the cake that is Wildstar!

About Troy Hewitt

After 7 years of real-world community building for the YMCA, Troy Hewitt transitioned to games, accumulating over 10 years of experience in online community building around MMOs. Currently Troy serves as the Community Director and Producer at Carbine Studios working on WildStar!

Read on for Troy’s Starshine interview!

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Apr 022013


By Maer

Did you enjoy the recent podcast with Phineas T. Rotostar? Well, we are pleased to welcome Cory Herndon, the man who does the voice of Rotostar, to our first Starshine interview!

Periodically, I’ll be interviewing different folks from Carbine, so we get a sense of the people behind this awesome new game. When I met Cory Herndon at Arkship, I knew I had to have an interview with him for this column. I spent time chatting with him and he’s delightful, loads of fun and full of great stories. Besides, my own theatre and writing backgrounds made him a natural for my first interview. Today, Cory has taken time from his busy schedule to join us, so let’s find out more about the man behind the title!

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