Feb 262013


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I’m new to the Wildstar radio family and wanted to take a moment to ramble about something I’m really impressed by in Wildstar: The Path System. It’s innovative the way that they are truly encouraging playing the way YOU want. As a once wanna-be game developer, this system truly hit close to home in my belief about giving gamers what they really want. It draws on a well-proven gaming theory that has been around since the early 90s, and it gives a more personal touch to your character, making it a reflection of yourself. So without further ado, let’s dive in! Continue reading »

Feb 062013


Hey everyone! Today we have a ton of news on our new favorite game, Wildstar! I am just going to jump right in.


Sypster over at Biobreak had a neat Top 40 article on Wildstar. He writes for Massively, so he was likely part of or privy to information from the press event a few weeks ago.

This article links to several other articles in the news network, but it also has pulled some of Sypster’s favorite things from those articles (and some of mine too, as it turns out).

Hit the jump for more articles and news….

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