Dec 122013

MedicWelcome to WildStar Radio, episode #32 recorded Sunday, December 8th, 2013. In this weeks episode, your intrepid hosts Carla, Joe, and Drew are joined by Medley, Joe’s Australian Shepard… at some inappropriately hilarious times.

The hosts certify that no animals were actually harmed in the making of this podcast, though one was CLEARLY disgruntled about the content. Continue reading »

Nov 202013
esper_classdrop_01 This week, Carla, Joe, and Drew examine the Esper Class Drop, the Esper Reddit AMA, the Warrior livestream, and more Esper stuff!



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Apr 072013
CBC Extraction

This week Drew and Joe are joined by Tyler to talk all about Open World PvP, Arenas, Circuit Boards, and other awesome things about Wildstar! Craziness and links inside! Hit the jump for the fun!

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Jan 192013

HousingVideo_Wallpaper02_1920x1200It begins!  That’s right, this is our very first episode of Wildstar Radio!    Wildstar Radio, a division of Protostar Corporation, will deliver you the latest news from around the Nexus.  Your hosts for this adventure are Carla, Joe, and Drew.   Hang on!   You are in for a wild ride!


For our first episode, we decided to bring everyone up-to-date with us.   We decided to go back to the official website and look all the way back at the history of the game in the making.   Needless to say, this is a longer podcast than normal, but so worth the listen!

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