Jul 112014


Something that we were promised early out of the gate was consistent content updates from Carbine on a near monthly basis. It is certainly an interesting idea and one that few MMOs have been able to do, let alone do well. Guild Wars 2 has been the only MMO, from my experience, to have a consistent “Living Story” that provides interesting plot continuations. While I no longer play the game, I’m sure they keep the roleplaying community entertained.

Now, with the new content Ultra-Drop “Strain,” it seems that we already have a new threat, new plot and more mysteries to solve. What does this all mean for Roleplayers, not just The Strain, but new content and world story on a monthly basis?

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May 192014
chua meme This week Carla, Drew, and Seamus bid farewell to Joe, but only after discussing MMO designs that addict, open beta, name reservation, subscription fee justification, and more!

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