May 082014
Phineas This week Carla, Drew, Joe, and Seamus discuss feature creep, recent changes in Carbine personnel, housing creativity, weapon procs, and more!

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Mar 292014

Wildstar Warfront


Welcome to Wildstar Warfront, bringing you news, opinions, and advice for PvP in Wildstar!

Today’s battle plan: learn what the developers have planned in Wildstar from the Reddit PvP AMA for the Gear and Itemization. Also, check out the articles from the last couple of days on Battlegrounds and Arenas! Let’s jump in! Continue reading »

Mar 112014
HousingVideo_Wallpaper02_1920x1200 This week Carla, Joe, and Drew are joined by brand-new cohost and Protostar Consultant for Increasing Profits, Seamus! We go over housing customization, PvP communities, and how to make gold in Wildstar!



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Jun 092013

wdstr_screen_016This week finds Carla, Drew & Joe talk all about guilds, circles, housing, stress test and more! They also discuss the latest from Jeff Kurtenacker, Gortok, Economy, and more! Continue reading »

May 202013

This week Carla, Joe, and Drew discuss movement, junkies, the 1%, and more! Expect the usual dose of housing, PvP, elder game, and The Secret World discussion (*clink*). Can you tell what our favorite topics are? Continue reading »

Apr 072013

This week Carla, Drew & Joe talk all about PAX East, Housing, and other awesome things about Wildstar! Craziness and links inside! Hit the jump for the fun!

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Feb 062013


Hey everyone! Today we have a ton of news on our new favorite game, Wildstar! I am just going to jump right in.


Sypster over at Biobreak had a neat Top 40 article on Wildstar. He writes for Massively, so he was likely part of or privy to information from the press event a few weeks ago.

This article links to several other articles in the news network, but it also has pulled some of Sypster’s favorite things from those articles (and some of mine too, as it turns out).

Hit the jump for more articles and news….

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