Nov 082013

When I heard that the first Devspeak for the Epic Class Drop was the Warrior, I was a little disappointed. My least favorite of the original four classes, the Warrior was going to be interesting enough to examine, if only to learn the format for the upcoming classes. But all in all, I expected it to be boring.

Boy, was I wrong.

Hidden in the disclaimer was a series of seven clues (really eight actually), all very convoluted. I am going to map out the epic journey that the community took to get to the epic conclusion. To be clear, I did not solve these all. In fact, by the time I got around to going on Wildstar Central, I found out that the only ones I solved on my own, the community had already solved. Credit goes to the amazing people on Wildstar Central and the Wildstar Subreddit.

Taking this one frame at a time, I will explain the meaning behind each of them, and we will look at the final reward! Continue reading »