Jun 252014


The Dominion is a vicious empire that will stop at nothing to achieve its staunch goal of complete galactic conquest. This is simply because the Eldan told them to do it. The Cassians were gifted advanced technology and a race of protectors, the Mechari, to guide them on a heavy burden placed on them. “Become the rulers of the galaxy, it’s your destiny.” That was the message, and they heard it loud and clear.

The entirety that is Wildstar is focused around this mission. Without it, we would not be on Nexus, there would be no Exiles and there would certainly be no Dominion. Let’s dive right into this Galactic Empire and its vast collective of races.

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Jul 252013

The day has finally come my fellow Wildstar fans! After a pair of teaser posters made their way to the internet around a week ago, many folks eagerly awaited to see if we would finally see the last of the two races for Wildstar, and wouldn’t you have it, we got them. Much like the paths announcement, this one also came with another excellent animation from Carbine to bring to light more on the Chua and the Mordesh, which can be found here.


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Feb 132013

What the hell kind of title is that? Well, it’s not just that Carbine Studios has updated the appearance of their WildStar website  (www.wildstar-online.com), but also because they have added some long-desired and highly anticipated information in the form of YouTube videos. Also, it’s because titles made with alliteration are 30% cooler than other titles. We totally have metrics on that*.

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Feb 062013

Driven off their homeworlds by the Dominion, this ragtag band of refugees, outcasts, and mercenaries made the treacherous journey to the legendary planet Nexus. The only problem is, the Dominion want Nexus for themselves.