Nov 272013
spellslinger_classdrop_03 This week, Carla, Joe, and Drew saddle up and take on the Spellslinger! They’re wranglin’ the Reddit Spellslinger AMA, the Spellslinger Devspeak, and more stuff related to the Spellslinger!



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Nov 202013
esper_classdrop_01 This week, Carla, Joe, and Drew examine the Esper Class Drop, the Esper Reddit AMA, the Warrior livestream, and more Esper stuff!



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Nov 092013

As I did way back when for the Reddit PvP AMA, I decided to compile the Reddit AMA questions and answers for the Warrior. Here is the Wildstar Reddit Warrior AMA Transcript for easy viewing and organization! They are organized by Warrior-specific things (like skills, animations, and so forth), Tanking information, and General information.

Quick links:

  1. Warrior-Specific
  2. Tanking
  3. General

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Oct 282013
troy unicorn This week, Carla, Joe, and Drew discuss gear progression, Open World PvP, the concept of a “main character,” the sad news of Troy Hewitt leaving Carbine, and more!



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May 092013

A new post was put on the Wildstar website today, and it is one that promises lots of future information. It is starting a series of videos called DevSpeak. We saw the first one a few weeks ago on Housing, and today they put one up on Movement.

As is usual, they started with a few frames of their Easter Egged disclaimers. They were, as usual, hilarious. Particularly funny is the URL they told people to go to in the last frame of the disclaimer, which you can actually follow. As a reminder it is dft dot ba slash dash, and then the first word of each of the first three paragraphs of the M30 patch notes post. So a little something like this I kid you not, this was the actual link mentioned, and it was their prank, not mine.

Also mentioned in the video are “serious” things like their different kinds of movement. They mentioned the usual WASD, mouse turning, and jumping. They then added double jump, rolling, and sprint, which by the way can be used while jumping. Jumping puzzles will be so much more fun with so many options!

In short, go and check out the video. It is pretty funny, informative, and exciting all at the same time.

May 082013
beer granok vitamins

There certainly was a lot of talk about this week – Hosts Carla, Drew, and Joe had their hands full with the last tidbits from Arkship EU 2013 and a slough of interviews to pour over across the Interwebs. In all of that, they still manage to yuck it up with some discussion about Chad “Pappy” Moore and the WildStar Central thread wherein photoshoppers (and paint-ers) turned his likeness into everything from a green monster to a princess. Plus, new music from Matthew Shine! We might have mentioned something about this Crimson Isle place too… and the pig roast that will make this place a must-visit vacation vista! Some rumored opportunity for mystery and adventure¬†may draw people there too, but it’s mostly the pig roast. Bullet list with links after the break.

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May 062013
aurins memeshepard meme wildstar

Drew and Joe unsuccessfully try to stick to the topics of the closed beta leaks, contests, and the EU Arkship, while getting distracted by WoW, LOTRO, SWTOR, TSW, STO, dolphin noises, Babylon 5, Adam West as Batman, crazy hair, and more!

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Apr 072013
CBC Extraction

This week Drew and Joe are joined by Tyler to talk all about Open World PvP, Arenas, Circuit Boards, and other awesome things about Wildstar! Craziness and links inside! Hit the jump for the fun!

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Mar 132013

Today on Reddit, there was a PvP Ask-Me-Anything. I have scraped the lousy organization of Reddit forums for questions that were answered by Carbine Devs.

The Devs that answered the call for answers were as follows:

  • CRB_Bardic – Jen Gordy, PvP Lead
  • CRB_Hugh – Hugh Shelton, Class Combat Lead
  • CRB_Clynch – Chris Lynch, Lead Combat Systems Designer
  • CRB_KevinLee – Kevin Lee, PvP Systems Designer
  • CRB_Aether – Troy Hewitt, Director of Community
  • CRB_Scooter – David Bass, Senior Community Manager
  • CRB_Atreid – Loic Claveau, Global Community Manager

I have not put who asked and answered what on here, but suffice it to say that all of these answers are approved by Carbine staffers in the know.

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Feb 212013
Drew with Phineas


This last weekend, we here at Wildstar Radio had the extreme privilege of watching David Bass sing karaoke. We also had a lot to drink.

Oh yeah…and we had our minds blown.

You see, this last weekend was Arkship 2013. This event was a chance for us to interact with the Devs, to get a little more information on this awesome game they are building, and to form deeper friendships with both the crew at Carbine and our fellow Arkship passengers. Continue reading »