Feb 162014
caretaker This week, Carla, Joe, and Drew explore the adventures Wildstar has to offer, talk tradeskills, discuss the cheerfulness of demolishing other players, and more!



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Feb 132014

We’re giving away Wildstar Beta keys! Simply use the Rafflecopter widget below to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and tweet about our giveaway to enter your name into the drawing.

Be sure to use an active email address to sign in, so we can contact winners! Remember to tweet once a day for additional entries!

UPDATE: There are 15 beta keys up for grabs. Each winner will only win one key. You do not need to perform all the actions below to be entered into the drawing, however, if you do all of them, your chances are higher. 3 entries are given for each action of following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook. 1 additional entry is earned through tweeting about the giveaway, and that step can be repeated every day for more entries.

UPDATE PART DOS: The winners have been selected and verified, and emails will be sent out shortly!

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Jan 242014

Hey guys! While looking at the classes/paths, I thought it would be cool to get titles in game for each max-level character combination. The titles would be able to be used on all of your toons. Obviously, I don’t know if Carbine wants to do this or not (though I did leave the idea on the Beta forums), but it would be cool if they did. What do you guys think of the following combos?

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Nov 272013
spellslinger_classdrop_03 This week, Carla, Joe, and Drew saddle up and take on the Spellslinger! They’re wranglin’ the Reddit Spellslinger AMA, the Spellslinger Devspeak, and more stuff related to the Spellslinger!



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Sep 232013
mordesh This week, Carla, Joe, and Drew are joined by a very special guest: Deirdre of TORWars and Corellian Run Radio fame! They discuss mounted combat, webcomics, David Bass, female armor designs, and more!



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Jul 172013

The Doctor is in!

This column dissects, bisects, and totally gouges out the gory details of Wildstar’s path system. As a Doctor of Path-ology, I have taken my Hypocritic Oath to research and probe the world of Nexus and keep you up to date with all the latest changes that may impact your character. This week, we look at The Scientist! Continue reading »

Jun 032013


This week finds Drew sicker than a dog while Carla & Joe talk all about paths!  They also discuss the latest Wildstar videos across the web, the first Wildstar beta stress test,  the Luminai, and more! Continue reading »

May 202013

This week Carla, Joe, and Drew discuss movement, junkies, the 1%, and more! Expect the usual dose of housing, PvP, elder game, and The Secret World discussion (*clink*). Can you tell what our favorite topics are? Continue reading »

Apr 152013

This week Carla returns and visits with her cohosts Drew and Joe! They are joined by special guest Mike aka Arawulf from WildstarFans.net. They jabber on about server infrastructure (well, Joe jabbers about that), the start of Closed Beta, item slots, and other cool Wildstar-y things. Hit the jump for links and fun!

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