Mar 132013

Today on Reddit, there was a PvP Ask-Me-Anything. I have scraped the lousy organization of Reddit forums for questions that were answered by Carbine Devs.

The Devs that answered the call for answers were as follows:

  • CRB_Bardic – Jen Gordy, PvP Lead
  • CRB_Hugh – Hugh Shelton, Class Combat Lead
  • CRB_Clynch – Chris Lynch, Lead Combat Systems Designer
  • CRB_KevinLee – Kevin Lee, PvP Systems Designer
  • CRB_Aether – Troy Hewitt, Director of Community
  • CRB_Scooter – David Bass, Senior Community Manager
  • CRB_Atreid – Loic Claveau, Global Community Manager

I have not put who asked and answered what on here, but suffice it to say that all of these answers are approved by Carbine staffers in the know.

Let’s learn some stuff! Hit the jump for the transcript! Continue reading »