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2014 Episodes

Episode 58: A Wild Joel Appears!
This week Carla, Drew, and Seamus are joined by a special guest, Carbine’s Community Team Lead, Joel Sasaki! Seamus also gives some great info on how to make a lot of money from dungeons and help out your raiding community.

Episode 57: PvP Has Its Day
This week Carla and Drew congratulate Seamus on his new baby girl (though Seamus will have to hear it when he listens as he is understandably busy)! They also discuss the upcoming Sabotage drop, the new BG Daggerstone Pass on the PTR, stat changes, how to be clairvoyant in Walatiki Temple, and more!

Episode 56: The Return of the Joe
This week Carla, Drew, Seamus, and special guest Joe discuss the unusual gear progression system, the Strain Drop, the first month of Wildstar, and of course, The Secret World.

Episode 55: Your Own Personal Security…For Your Account
This week Carla, Drew, Seamus, and a special guest Tim discuss Game Security, rare AMP drop locations (such as Trigger Fingers), how to get more boomboxes, community resources, and more!

Episode 54: Spammers, Botters, and Hackers, Oh My…
This week Carla, Drew, and Seamus discuss botting and spammers, and Seamus also gives some excellent tips about farming eldan signs!

Episode 53: Podcast-breaking Bug
This week Carla, Drew, and Seamus discuss snafus with last week’s podcast, money-making tips, the upcoming patch, and more!

Episode 52: The Launch Episode!
This week Carla, Drew, and Seamus discuss…well, LAUNCH! They talk about what they did in pre-launch, realm transfers, Pappy’s Lore Primer, a settings and performance guide, and more!

Episode 51: Imbuuuuements…and Attuuuunments
This week Carla, Drew, and Seamus discuss Imbuements, Attunements, Carbine’s awesomeness, a great Penny Arcade comic, and so much more!

Episode 50:  Early Leveling & More
This week Carla and Seamus hold the fort down while Drew is gone.   They discuss Leveling, Name Reservation Issues, Ops Week,  and more!

Episode 49: Joe Rides His Rowsdower Into The Sunset
This week Carla, Drew, and Seamus bid farewell to Joe, but only after discussing MMO designs that addict, open beta, name reservation, subscription fee justification, and more!

Episode 48: Creeping Features or Featured Creepers?
This week Carla, Drew, Joe, and Seamus discuss feature creep, recent changes in Carbine personnel, housing creativity, weapon procs, and more!

Episode 47: Paying The Bills
This week Carla, Drew, and Joe are rejoined by Seamus to discuss repair costs, difficulty, and the new UI!

Episode 46: The Drunk Episode
This week Carla, Drew, and Joe will get you roaring drunk with references to The Secret World, but they also discuss some of the awesomeness that came out of PAX East, the changes coming in the most recent Beta patch, and more!

Episode 45: Carla Creeps Out Her Cohosts
This week Drew and Joe are disturbed by Carla’s fascination with a certain weapon, but they manage to get past it and discuss several awesome contests, whether Wildstar is a WoW clone, and more!

Episode 44: Don’t Invest in Chili Pepper Poppers Futures
This week Carla, Joe, Drew, and Seamus discuss the Arenas info, how exploits affect the economy, Gaffney’s response to competing with ESO, and more!

Episode 43: Endgame for Fun and Profit
This week Carla, Joe, Drew, and Seamus discuss the PvP drop, more about preorders, the raid set art that has recently been discovered, and more!

Episode 42: Friends Don’t Let Friends Raid in PvP Gear
This week Carla, Joe, Drew, and Seamus talk about what else, but PREORDER! In addition to that, we discuss some new PvP interviews, attunements and how they affect raid groups, game difficulty and nerfs, Carbine’s transparency, and more!

Episode 41: Protostar Corporation Announces Release Date!
Phineas T. Rotostar is proud to announce the release date of Wildstar on June 3, 2014….  for money!   That’s right!   Wildstar will be releasing June 3rd.

Episode 40: Order up! Chef is in da House
This week Carla, Joe, and Drew are joined by brand-new cohost and Protostar Consultant for Increasing Profits, Seamus! We go over housing customization, PvP communities, and how to make gold in Wildstar!

Episode 39: Floppy Ears, Licking Bugs
This week is a sober episode, as Joe is out taking care of his poor, sick family, and Drew and Carla don’t mention TSW even once. What they do mention is getting rid of endgame blues, what the Lopp says, pros and cons of life on Nexus, and more!

Episode 38: The Cool Jazz Hour
This week, Carla talks about taxis taking the long way home, Joe rants that there is actually stuff to do at endgame, Drew bloviates about the Reddit AMA on adventures, and more!

Episode 37: Join Us for Beta Adventures
This week, Carla, Joe, and Drew explore the adventures Wildstar has to offer, talk tradeskills, discuss the cheerfulness of demolishing other players, talk about the Wildstar Radio Beta Key Giveaway, and more!

Episode 36: Bros Do Stuff
This week, Carla and Joe are reunited with Drew and it is magical. They discuss how Wildstar is fun to play and hard to market, the Gemini project from NASA (not the one you’re thinking of), and what pre-order items Wildstar should have. They also answer the question “What does Stephan Frost actually do?”

Episode 35: We Drew the Short Straw
This week, Carla and Joe are covering for Drew’s lazy butt and hitting the high points of the Wildstar news week, including the community beta key giveaway, the Stalker Livestream and throw-down between Pappy and Daddy, and more!

Episode 34: Meteoric Differences
This week we get a little bit pervy, and talk about Wildstar’s character creation, and the (ahem) “enhancements” that some folks have taken umbrage to. Well, we talk about that in between giggling like schoolchildren and comparing the system to different MMOs.

2013 Episodes

Episode 33: All About Robots and NDA Drops
This week, Carla, Joe, and Drew put on their hard hats and assemble the news on the Engineer, as well as constructing some discussion on their experiences in the Wildstar Beta.

Episode 32: A Medley of Classes!
In this weeks episode, your intrepid hosts Carla, Joe, and Drew are joined by Medley, Joe’s Australian Shepard… at some inappropriately hilarious times. The hosts certify that no animals were actually harmed in the making of this podcast, though one was CLEARLY disgruntled about the content. Hear about the Stalker and Medic (and in-game pet sacrifices).

Episode 31: Spellslinging Two Scoops of PappyFrost
This week, Carla, Joe, and Drew saddle up and take on the Spellslinger! They’re wranglin’ the Reddit Spellslinger AMA, the Spellslinger Devspeak, and more stuff related to the Spellslinger!

Episode 30: The Wildstar Radio Esper-ience
This week, Carla, Joe, and Drew examine the Esper Class Drop, the Esper Reddit AMA, the Warrior livestream, and more Esper stuff!

Episode 29: The Way of the Warrior
This week, Carla, Joe, and Drew discuss what else but the Warrior and all its awesomeness! Drew also explains the Great Warrior DevSpeak puzzle, and Joe sniffles his way through the show!

Episode 28: Fare Thee Well, Troy
This week, Carla, Joe, and Drew discuss gear progression, Open World PvP, the concept of a “main character,” the sad news of Troy Hewitt leaving Carbine, and more!

Episode 27: Granok Vitamins for All!
Carla, Joe, and Drew talk cross-faction auction houses and community exchanges, the Wildstar Community Meetup, awesome changes coming down the pipes, and more!

Episode 26: Where Are All The Rowsdowers?
Carla, Joe, and Drew do more speculation on classes (warranted), talk about Gaffney’s views on F2P (warranted), discuss naming Chua (warranted), bemoan the stunning lack of rowsdowers in the new Devspeak video (most certainly warranted), and more (may-or-may-not-be warranted)!

Episode 25: A Visitor From Beyond The Fringe
This week, Carla, Joe, and Drew are joined by a very special guest: Deirdre of TORWars and Corellian Run Radio fame! They discuss mounted combat, webcomics, David Bass, female armor designs, and more!

Episode 24: Squirrel-hopping and Scream-healing
Joe and Drew are briefly joined by Carla, whose internet subsequently fails. Regardless, they discuss the business model, DevSpeak videos, the progression of the Rowsdower from a random animal to a bonafide Wildstar icon, and more! See inside for show notes!

Episode 23: Don’t Tag My Mob, Bro
This week Carla and Drew discuss different types of PvPers, the (good) changability of the Devs, cool art by Pyra, and more!

Episode 22: Crispy Chua Goodness
This week, hosts Carla, Drew, and Joe being you oodles of Crispy Chua goodness, with lively discussion and witty repartee’. We also being you 100% less Julia Childs impersonations. So few in fact, that the FSW has certified this episode as impersonation-free.

Episode 21: Some Recipes are just Wrong
Join your hosts Carla, Drew, and Joe for a light-hearted discussions of race relations and cannibalism. Luckily it has nothing to do with the real world we live in and everything to do with Carbine’s big news – the Chua and the Mordesh.

Episode 20: Boom! Nomnomnom
After a score of episodes, we finally get to talking about the important stuff – Rowsdower Recipes! Just kidding. Mostly.

Episode 19: The One with the Unicorns
This week Carla, Drew, and Joe discuss money sinks, addons, Troy Hewitt’s love for unicorns, and Jeff Kurtenacker’s awesome music!

Episode 18: Rowsdower BBQ
This week Carla, Drew, and Joe discuss lots of videos, the tragedy of the Rowsdower, and coral reefs.

Episode 17:  Guilds, Circles, Housing & More!
This week finds Carla, Drew & Joe talk all about guilds, circles, housing, stress test and more! They also discuss the latest from Jeff Kurtenacker, Gortok, Economy, and more!

Episode 16: Path Posse & More
This week finds Drew sicker than a dog while Carla & Joe talk all about paths!  They also discuss the latest Wildstar videos across the web, the first Wildstar beta stress test,  the Luminai, and more!

Episode 15:  Smashing and Grabbing
This week Carla, Joe, and Drew sit back and relax with a cold glass of…Moxie?!? They also discuss Jeremy Gaffney and his lovely talkativeness, the leaked-by-Carbine patch notes for CBT2, the new PvP Battleground, and more!

Episode 14: It’s Aaaaaallll About the Bees, Man…
This week Carla, Joe, and Drew discuss movement, junkies, the 1%, and more! Expect the usual dose of housing, PvP, elder game, and The Secret World discussion (*clink*). Can you tell what our favorite topics are?

Episode 13: Arkship EU, Chadheads, and Vacation Spots
Carla, Joe, and Drew talk Arkship EU, interviews, Chad Moore’s beautiful face, and more!

Episode 12: Rambin’ Men
Drew and Joe unsuccessfully try to stick to the topics of the closed beta leaks, contests, and the EU Arkship, while getting distracted by WoW, LOTRO, SWTOR, TSW, STO, dolphin noises, Babylon 5, Adam West as Batman, crazy hair, and more!

Episode 11: We Cry Arawulf
This week Carla returns and visits with her cohosts Drew and Joe! They are joined by special guest Mike aka Arawulf from They jabber on about server infrastructure (well, Joe jabbers about that), the start of Closed Beta, item slots, and other cool Wildstar-y things.

Episode 10: While Carla’s Away, The Boys Will Say Stupid Things
This week Drew and Joe are joined by Tyler to talk all about Open World PvP, Arenas, Circuit Boards, and other awesome things about Wildstar!

Episode 9: Making A House A Home
This week Carla, Drew & Joe talk all about PAX East, Housing, and other awesome things about Wildstar!

Episode 8: Pax-y Goodness
Overloaded with PAX East information, Carla, Joe, and Drew try to make sense of it all and bring you the info on Housing, Raids, wild speculation, and more!

Episode 6: Super Secret Guest Arrives
It is with great pleasure and “more money” that we proudly present you with a surprise visit from our very own boss, Mr. Phineas T. Rotostar! Carla, Joe, and Drew fire off questions to the owner of the largest corporation in the galaxy, the Protostar Corporation.

Episode 7: Super Secret Secrets
Yes, this episode is out-of-order. Why is that? It’s a secret. Carla, Joe, and Drew are joined by Tyler to discuss PvP, speculation on the final Exile race, and more.

Episode 5: Smooth and Sweet Like Billy Joel
This week Carla, Drew & Joe talk all about PvP, music, faction war, and roleplay.

Episode 4: Where Are You On The Bartle Scale?
Carla, Joe, and Drew discuss PvP, the Bartle Test, Paths, crafting, and more!

Episode 3: Arkship 2013 Review
Carla, Joe, and Drew review their Arkship 2013 experience and reveal as much as they can about the game without breaking NDA.

Episode 2: Arkship 2013 Here We Come!
This week Carla, Drew & Joe talk all about Courtenay Taylor’s voice acting talent heading to Wildstar,  beta feedback, server communities, Arkship 2013 and much more!

Episode 1: It Begins…
It begins!  That’s right, this is our very first episode of Wildstar Radio! Wildstar Radio, a division of Protostar Corporation, will deliver you the latest news from around Nexus. Your hosts for this adventure are Carla, Joe, and Drew. Hang on! You are in for a wild ride!