Nick Angelici

Jul 252013

The day has finally come my fellow Wildstar fans! After a pair of teaser posters made their way to the internet around a week ago, many folks eagerly awaited to see if we would finally see the last of the two races for Wildstar, and wouldn’t you have it, we got them. Much like the paths announcement, this one also came with another excellent animation from Carbine to bring to light more on the Chua and the Mordesh, which can be found here.


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Jul 182013

Carbine has always been doing their best to keep our attention by feeding us tiny morsels of information for Wildstar. Before the dust of discussion from their previous news even settled, they do it again, releasing two teaser pictures for an upcoming announcement on the 19th of this month.

998005_520076551399457_1338541981_n 988619_520474218026357_1314115414_n

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