Mar 242013

Welcome to Episode 7 of our podcast! Where’s 6? Under super-secret wraps. Or maybe under an Aurin. It’s the ears, y’know? Anyway, this week Carla, Joe & Drew talk about the other super-secret stuff, like:

Mar 092013

This week on Wildstar Radio:

The Crew discusses our continuing excitement about the recent Arkship event, and Carbine’s Wildstar Uplink article about what an awesome time it was go to Arkship. Did we mention that we loved going to Arkship? We loved going to Arkship. In the same uplink they ask a new question: What annoys you about PvP? If it’s still open – go to Twitter and use hashtag #WSuplink to weigh in! Continue reading »

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Feb 132013

What the hell kind of title is that? Well, it’s not just that Carbine Studios has updated the appearance of their WildStar website  (, but also because they have added some long-desired and highly anticipated information in the form of YouTube videos. Also, it’s because titles made with alliteration are 30% cooler than other titles. We totally have metrics on that*.

First, the site design looks awesome. Check it out. ‘Nuff said. Continue reading »

Feb 102013

Today we have a special treat, an interview with the Dominion guild Errant Unit. Some quick information from their website:

Guild Website:
Guild Charter:
Focus: Casual PvX
Faction: Dominion
Location: International
Recruiting: Open
Errant Unit is a casual international Dominion guild created for WildStar. We welcome players who share our values of community, respect, and teamwork. Continue reading »

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Jan 222013

Courtenay Taylor (IMDB) confirmed via Twitter last week that she is indeed doing voice acting for Carbine Studios’ upcoming MMO, Wildstar. Fans of BioWare’s Mass Effect series will recognize her from the second and third installments, where Courtenay voiced the role of Jack, aka Subject Zero, aka Jennifer, the “psychotic biotic” companion of and possible love interest to the main player character, Commander Shepard. A complex character who was easy to love and hate at the same time, Ms. Nought (as she was also known) was an extremely well written and complex character who really came to life under Ms. Taylor’s talent.

Continue reading »

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