Feb 062013

Driven off their homeworlds by the Dominion, this ragtag band of refugees, outcasts, and mercenaries made the treacherous journey to the legendary planet Nexus. The only problem is, the Dominion want Nexus for themselves.

Jan 302013

CRB_Aether just announced via Twitter the newest Wildstar Wednesday secret reveal:

As an example of that, I’ll let you in on a little secret event we’re running, both in the US and in Europe in the coming months. We’re calling it “Arkship 2013,” and it’s an event where we’re flying in 30-40 people to spend two days with the development team, test some prototype features, and participate in panel discussions on important topics like our combat system, tradeskills, PvP, Housing, and much, much more. Contrary to what you might think, this isn’t an event where we invite people to come tell us how much they love us in person. As a matter of fact, while we appreciate the love and support we’ve received, these events are meant to get critical feedback and honest evaluation directly from the source.

Not only that, but CRB_Scooter replied to a post on Wildstar Central that said:

And if any of you happen to be attending Arkship US, you’re more than welcome to say so

So without further adieu, we are proud to announce that your Wildstar Radio crew will be attending Arkship 2013!    We have been in contact with some of the other fansites/podcasts attending to do a community podcast while we are there.   Look for some exciting things to come very soon!

Jan 192013

HousingVideo_Wallpaper02_1920x1200It begins!  That’s right, this is our very first episode of Wildstar Radio!    Wildstar Radio, a division of Protostar Corporation, will deliver you the latest news from around the Nexus.  Your hosts for this adventure are Carla, Joe, and Drew.   Hang on!   You are in for a wild ride!


For our first episode, we decided to bring everyone up-to-date with us.   We decided to go back to the official website and look all the way back at the history of the game in the making.   Needless to say, this is a longer podcast than normal, but so worth the listen!

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Jan 152013

Excitement is building around the studio here at Wildstar Radio!    We just recorded our first podcast which will be posted in a few days.   We just have to put the finishing touches on it.

We had so much fun.  There was so much to talk about for our first podcast so be warned, it is long but so worth it!

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