May 262014

This week Carla and Seamus hold the fort down while Drew is gone.   They discuss Leveling, Name Reservation Issues, Ops Week,  and more!


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Apr 192014

Stephan FrostWildstar Radio is proud to provide an exclusive interview with Stephan Frost by our field correspondent , Zeph aka Devla.    Stephan was very open and answered alot of questions.  Don’t miss this interview with Mr. Hot Pepper himself! (Please note that the audio is loud due to the location of the interview.  It is worth listening to!)

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Mar 122014

Phineas Phineas T. Rotostar is proud to announce the release date of Wildstar on June 3, 2014….  for money!   That’s right!   Wildstar will be releasing June 3rd.

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Mar 112014
HousingVideo_Wallpaper02_1920x1200 This week Carla, Joe, and Drew are joined by brand-new cohost and Protostar Consultant for Increasing Profits, Seamus! We go over housing customization, PvP communities, and how to make gold in Wildstar!



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Dec 132013

Phineas & Crew

Protostar Corporation has put it’s seal of approval on the Epic NDA drop on information about happenings around Nexus. That’s right! Unless you have been living under a rock, the press NDA has dropped on information for levels 1-15. Please remember this is about beta and that any information/game features seen in these links or upcoming articles are subject to change before launch.

Seriously, we would like to thank our friend Arawulf at Wildstar Fans for sharing the following information.  It was such a great compilation that we saw no reason to recreate another list. Continue reading »

Jun 092013

wdstr_screen_016This week finds Carla, Drew & Joe talk all about guilds, circles, housing, stress test and more! They also discuss the latest from Jeff Kurtenacker, Gortok, Economy, and more! Continue reading »

Jun 032013


This week finds Drew sicker than a dog while Carla & Joe talk all about paths!  They also discuss the latest Wildstar videos across the web, the first Wildstar beta stress test,  the Luminai, and more! Continue reading »

Mar 292013

Phineas & CrewIt is with great pleasure and “more money” that we proudly present you with a surprise visit from our very own boss, Mr. Phineas T. Rotostar!

Seriously guys, we had such a great time chatting with Phineas T. Rotostar.   We did have some audio issues during the podcast (thank you Skype!), but we think you will enjoy this special episode as much as we did.   What you don’t hear is us all muting our mics and laughing hysterically.


Feb 082013
Granok wink

This week Carla, Drew & Joe talk all about Courtenay Taylor’s voice acting talent heading to Wildstar,  beta feedback, server communities, Arkship 2013 and much more!

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