Jul 282014
Data fragments This week Carla, Drew, and Seamus are joined by a special guest, Carbine’s Community Team Lead, Joel Sasaki! Seamus also gives some great info on how to make a lot of money from dungeons and help out your raiding community.


Codex Ohmna kill: http://youtu.be/ylPWJmfw4vo


Ethical or Profitable?

SITUATION 5: You see someone advertising his crafts in chat for less than they are worth on the Auction House. You want one of the items he is selling. Do you:

  1. (Ethical): Contact him and offer to purchase at the going price on the Auction House.
  2. (Neutral): Buy one from him at his price.
  3. (Profitable): Buy as many as he has, keep one, and then go pop the rest on the auction house.


Tip of the week!

Partial Primal Patterns and Tarnished Eldan gifts



  1. PVP PTR Event
  2. Wildstar Weekly – Housing July 17th
  3. MMORPG – 5 Things to Do at 50:
  4. DDos attack July 16th
  5. WildstarFans –


Community Shoutout


What do you think about our Ethical or Profitable segment? What is your score?



No answers! Slackers!


What have you been doing with your house? Send us screenshots! Twitter, facebook, Drew@WildstarRadio.com


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Partial Primal Patterns and Tarnished Eldan gifts

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