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Jul 102014
trigger fingers This week Carla, Drew, Seamus, and special guest Joe discuss the unusual gear progression system, the Strain Drop, the first month of Wildstar, and of course, The Secret World.

Ethical or Profitable?

SITUATION 3: You see that someone posted an auction for way less than the item’s vendor value. Do you:

  1. (Ethical): Buy it and send it back to them with a note explaining how they could better make money.
  2. (Neutral): Keep scrolling, and pray for their fiscally-irresponsible souls.
  3.  (Profitable): Buy it and sell it to the nearest vendor. #LearnToReadTooltips


Tip of the week! Getting the gear in unusual ways


  1. A Game Done Right by Digital Spy
  2. The Nexus Report – State of the game
  3. One Month into Wildstar – Jeremy Gaffney
  4. Feel the Strain! 1.09 Patch Notes
  5. Chris Hanel (“The Devspeak Guy”) leaving for indie studio
  6. Funny CTRL+ALT+DELETE comic (warning, PG13):
  7. Dulfy is covering Wildstar:

Community Shoutout


What about the Strain update do you like the most? If you’re not 50, what do you look forward to the most?


NEXT WEEK’S QUESTION: What do you think about the possibility of gear score addons in Wildstar? Is this a bad thing?

Podcast Shoutout

  1. Planet Nexus
  2. Nexus Weekly
  3. Mission Nexus
  4. Wildcast
  5. Late Night Dominion
  6. Wildstar Nation Podcast
  7. Set To Heroic
  8. Wildstar Reporter
  9. Nexus Prime Podcast
  10. Exile Radio Podcast
  11. Nexus Drop

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Thank you, EVERYONE, for listening!

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