Jul 022014
house pic This week Carla, Drew, Seamus, and a special guest Tim discuss Game Security, rare AMP drop locations (such as Trigger Fingers), how to get more boomboxes, community resources, and more!

Discussion Topics

Game security with Tim

Ethical or Profitable?

SITUATION 2: A guild member says over voicechat that there is a highly lucrative and ‘interesting’ way to make gold. Do you:

1. (Ethical): Report it and your guild mate, doing anything carbine did not intend is grounds for a ban!

2. (Neutral): Enquire about it but don’t do anything about it.

3.  (Profitable): Find out how to do and it use this ‘interesting’ way to make gold as much as possible before carbine fixes it.

Econ tip of the week! Hard to obtain AMP’s and tips and tricks to make your life easier! (Trigger Fingers – I am looking at you)


  1. PTR Testing – Get yourself some extra boom boxes
  2. Special PTR Events:
  4. FanaticalSwordsman:
  5. Northern Wastes play through:
  6. Curse Gamepedia – Character Creation:

Community Shoutout


What is your favorite dungeon, adventure or shiphand?




NEXT WEEK’S QUESTION: What is your favorite thing about the Strain update? If you aren’t 50 yet, what are you most looking forward to about it?

Podcast Shoutout

  1. Planet Nexus http://www.wildstarfans.net/search/label/planet%20nexus%20podcast
  2. Nexus Weekly http://nexusweekly.com/
  3. Mission Nexus http://www.mission-nexus.com/
  4. Wildcast http://www.mognation.com/podcast_podcasts/wildcast-3/
  5. Late Night Dominion http://stream.latenightdominion.com/
  6. Wildstar Nation Podcast http://www.wildstarnation.com/wildstar-nation-podcast/
  7. Set To Heroic http://wildstar.libsyn.com/
  8. Wildstar Reporter http://mmoreporter.com/category/podcast/wildstar-reporter/
  9. Nexus Prime Podcast http://nexusprime.podbean.com/
  10. Exile Radio Podcast http://42gaming.com/podcasts-videos-shows/exile-radio-wildstar-podcasts.html

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Thank you, EVERYONE, for listening!

  2 Responses to “Episode 55: Your own personal security…for your account! Featuring guest Tim!”

  1. Here’s how you get rid of arena team invites without filtering invites. In game hit escape, go to Addons (top left). Find the (Carbine) ArenaTeam addon and disable it (“change load rules”). Reloadui. Problem solved!

    (This was not my idea – I googled until I found out how to make this stop.)

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