Jun 232014



Two-factor authentication was added to the Wildstar authentication to help the gamers out there to protect their hard-fought loot, gold, experience, etc. from the underworld baddies.

How does two-factor work?

Two-factor authentication, also know as “out of band” authentication, requires an additional code, usually six digits in length, to be entered along with a username and password.  The term “out of band” refers to the delivery of the code via another platform that is not the same as where you are entering your username and password.

Wildstar uses Google Authenticator that generates a code on a timed basis (the “out of band”) on your smartphone, which is separate from the platform (your computer) that is running the game.

Carbine has added a beneficial twist, as they require the user to click on the numbers via the mouse and not the keyboard as well as generating a random position for the number keys.  This combination combats key logging as you are using the mouse to pick the numbers and combats malware from picking up on the (x,y) coordinates of the mouse clicks as the numbers are not always in the same place on the screen.

By using two-factor authentication you are able to protect your account even if your username and password have been stolen.  Also, the extra 2% experience, renown, and prestige boost you get isn’t bad either.  So, if you’re not using two-factor authentication sign up for it NOW!

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