May 302014
weapon winner This week Carla, Drew, and Seamus discuss Imbuements, Attunements, Carbine’s awesomeness, a great Penny Arcade comic, and so much more!

Discussion Topics

  1. Imbuements and attunements



  1. Imagine what a tweet can do
  2. Penny Arcade Comic accurately describes Wildstar
  3. Guild Holomark Creator
  4. Special mention, new site


Community Shoutout

LAST WEEK’S QUESTION: Are you excited for “Ops week?”

YOUR ANSWERS: whoops? forgot to post the question.

THIS WEEK’S QUESTION: What is your number one thing you are looking forward to about Wildstar?


Podcast Shoutout

  1. Planet Nexus
  2. Nexus Weekly
  3. Mission Nexus
  4. Wildcast
  5. Late Night Dominion
  6. Wildstar Nation Podcast
  7. Set To Heroic
  8. Wildstar Reporter


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Thank you, EVERYONE, for listening!

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