May 292014


In the weeks before launch, I’ve been thinking about what is the most efficient way to level in order to reach my game goals.  For many players it may as simple as rush to level cap, then go back and complete anything you need for the Elder Game such as rep grind for needed AMPs, etc.  This isn’t really my play style, so turned my focus to the early level unlocks and began plotting out my game plan.


So what early game activity are you the most interested in?

@ level 6 PvP Warzones are unlocked

@ level 10 Tradeskills are unlocked

@ level 12 Guilds can be created

@ level 14 Housing is unlocked

@ level 15 Adventures can be attuned

@ level 15 Slow mounts can be used.

@ level 17-20 Dungeons can be entered.


I signed up to help our leader get the guild up and running as quickly as possible, so our first goal will be to get to level 12.  To speed up the process we are going to skip past path activities, challenges, and gathering once we land on Nexus.  Being the player that I am, I will want to go back and catch up on those skipped activities before advancing much further in the game.


After much thinking, I plan on proceeding to level 15 from questing on one of the 7 to 14 maps, but for this leg, I will be doing local path tasks, challenges, and gathering as I go.  At 15, I hope to have enough gold to purchase a mount and then I will be in a much better position to go back and quickly blow through content to catch myself up.


With this in place, I began thinking about my tradeskills.  While we are burning towards 12, I plan on only picking up survivalist since two thirds of the mats you gain from it do not require any additional actions.  At 12, I will go back to the trainer and pick up a second gathering tradeskill.  Now for my first toon he is going to be a double gatherer, but even for the other toons I plan on actively playing, I am thinking of beginning as a double gatherer until level 15, then use those mats to level up a crafting tradeskill.


For various reasons, I am also interested in going over and completing the other starting zones.  Getting the DPS and Support early on by completing both versions of the AMP quest is the first.  Earning reputation in both maps will open up more AMP options is the second.  Spending more time farming in the zone to be able to churn out tradeskill goods for my guildies is another.  Then there is the fact that I am a completionist and I rather get some XP from the exercise than none at all had I been capped.


So that is my launch plan.  I hope that by peeling back the onion layers of my thinking has given you something to think about.  Don’t worry the crying will stop in a moment.



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