May 282014


Welcome all to the Eldan Datacube; you found your way here in one piece, it seems. Shame. Ow, sorry I meant well done, congratulations, and all that. No seriously, welcome and good to have you here. So you’re interested in learning some lore? Maybe hear a story, well, read a story more like haaa…

I bundle up the datacubes on Nexus and bring them up here to be read to you all and for your enjoyment and knowledge, so you to can explore this brand new world we’ll all be going into together.

I’ll let you in on a secret, shall I?…..I’ve been here awhile, funny that I don’t know much yet, but, due to random restarts and all, and my circuits overheating, I’ve not been able to inform you all of my coming.

We’re going to have a lot of fun, I can tell from that smile on your glazed out face…. wait a minute, that’s a glazed donut, get it out my face while I’m typing, er I mean projecting to you all. Come back through the traps I’ll reset for your return, and maybe next time you’ll be able to expand your knowledge on a piece of the Eldan Datacubes.


Written by Prowen

Voiced over by the Eldan Caretaker.

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