May 082014


Each issue of The Nexus of Wildstar, I take a look at what makes Wildstar unique. This week, we’re talking about enjoying the scenery.

Looking for things to do in Open Beta?  Trying rolling a new toon and take your time just wandering around looking at stuff that you would normally sprint past on your way to the next quest objective.


Like some of my Closed Beta friends, I too have lost a lot of my desire to play Wildstar since everything you do at this point is going to be wiped and we have played enough of the various classes, paths, trades, maps, etc. that we know what we want to do come launch.  A part of my finial testing is seeing a female Human or Aurin out in the field to pick which I will roll at launch.  After all, I am going to be looking at this toon for hundreds of hours, I should find out now if it’s too annoying for me that her long hair passes right through the weapon handle when the weapon is strung across the back.


I’ve played Dominion exclusively during Closed Beta because I knew I would be playing Exile at launch.  Since after launch there will be a mad rush to level as quickly as possible, I thought it would be nice to experience the game in full on the Exile side by reading all the options when taking quests.  After the med bay quest, I decided to wander around and look at stuff before moving to the next zone which would oftentimes be without a way to return.


Since it’s the very first impression that people will experience themselves, the developers have put in a lot of details into the tutorial ships.  Wondering around the med bay I saw all sorts of what I suspect will be house décor items.   Off in the corner, that you would never pay any attention to, is a power generator that has severed leads.  There is water dripping from the ceiling with an occasional electric discharge.  Lights that pass along the length of cable give the object a sense of life.  All sorts of fantastic stuff that truly impress me enough to almost forget that the operational treadmills allow you to just stand on them.


All in all, a very nice way to enjoy my per-order dollar of entertainment when other game objectives are not a priority.



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