May 082014
Phineas This week Carla, Drew, Joe, and Seamus discuss feature creep, recent changes in Carbine personnel, housing creativity, weapon procs, and more!

Discussion Topics

  1. Feature Creep



  1. David Bass and Chris Lynch leaving Carbine
  2. Carbine Twitter Roundup
    Jen Gordy Promoted:
    Kevin Lee new PvP lead:
    Pappy is now Creative Director:
    Cory Herdon is new Lead Writer:
    Stephan Frost responds to Reddit complainer with one word:
  3. Housing Plugatory
    Hoverboard Park:
    @Warplots dueling arena:
  4. Anhrez studies procs on weapons
  5. Special mention: New site – JabbitHole


Community Shoutout

LAST WEEK’S QUESTION: Anyone run War of the Wilds or the level 20 dungeon this last weekend? What’d you think?


Axel Grimwulf @Axelwulf

Xentes @redeye187

Jenna Latimer @Lycati

THIS WEEK’S QUESTION: What is your favorite Wildstar plug for your house? Answer us on Twitter and Facebook!


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  6 Responses to “Episode 48: Creeping Features or Featured Creepers?”

  1. Enjoy the podcast…normally. Today’s episode in my opinion was several negative assumptions thrown together to make the show. Saying that Carbine has themselves claimed to be a WoW killer? When did they claim that? Also as everyone on the cast was highly doubtful that 40 mans would be ready for launch Carbine staff were busy confirming in forum posts that both the 20 man and 40 man raids would be ready at launch.

    While constructive criticism is important for a balanced podcast, listening to negative doom and gloom predictions that run counter to everything Carbine has shown to date is not fun.

    I’m optimistic for the game and excited for launch. Appreciate you throwing a good damper on that excitement today.

    • I’m all for positivity. I think we always have been very positive about Wildstar. I know I am getting very pumped for it to come out. I just started a new character today actually!

      That being said, we are realists. Warplots are not where I wanted them as a PvPer at this point, the 40-man raid has not received any testing, and here are several concerned fans of Wildstar voicing their opinions that it might not be a bad idea for them to push it back until it has received the polish we know they want from their product.

      I think we can all agree that we want this game to be as awesome as it can be, and if they are confident in their product, then I trust them. I just worry. I saw similar things to this in SWTOR, but I think Carbine has been better about a lot of things than Bioware ever was. I have been trying to maintain a stance of cautious optimism. We might have overshot a bit on trying to control our own hype and erred a bit on the side of cautious.

      Thanks for your feedback, and I know you will be seeing a lot more positivity from us in the coming weeks as we get into our beloved game finally launching!

      BTW are you going to be playing the open beta? Hit me up at geldarion@nexus as an account friend if you get on there!

  2. Appreciate the response. To be fair most of your podcasts are very positive which is why its a fun podcast to listen to.

    Yes, I’ll be in open beta. As soon as I’m home from work and the kiddos are tucked in I’ll be on. Loved playing medic last weekend and will be trying out the Esper tonight. Appreciate the note.

    • I’m glad you have enjoyed it! I was listening to this particular episode earlier today, and I can definitely see what you are saying. We started off pretty balanced, and then we shifted a bit and started voicing our concerns a little bit too in-depth. Next week we have a few articles that will really get the excitement juices flowing though! :D

      I have not really gotten into the Esper. I just rolled the Warrior/Soldier because I haven’t gotten much time with it either. I’ve played all of them to at least level 6 to try them in PvP. The Spellslinger, Stalker, Engineer, and Medic have gotten the most attention from me.

  3. Can you expound on the difficulty of WS vs other MMOs? I’ve not played SW so I don’t have a common ground for your comparison. The last MMO I played was EQ which to me was much much more difficult in comparison. I’ve died more than a few times but managed to level up to 23 in a couple of days in the open beta and it wasn’t frustrating at all.

    • I’ve never played EQ sorry. I know that some of the older games were more like this one in difficulty. Games like SWTOR, WoW, LOTRO, GW2 are laughably compared to this game. I remember City of Heroes back in the day was much harder, though it could have been because I am a noob.

      The higher levels are certainly more difficult. 30-50 is pretty brutal.

      By “difficult,” I mean you have to be paying attention, not pull too many mobs, and know how your skills interact with each other. I don’t know if you have gotten very far in Whitevale, but that is where they really start punishing you for messing up dodging. For example, there is an attack from the pumeras in Whitevale that can literally one-shot you if you don’t dodge it. It is that kind of punishing, small-room-for-error gameplay that makes Wildstar so fun for me personally. It isn’t usually the “auto-attack” damage from mobs that is difficult. It is the telegraphs. And while dodging one is pretty easy, just wait until you are thrown 3-4 in a row, and you have to decide which ones you want to eat and which ones you want to avoid hehe.

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