Apr 012014

dregg-standing-sword Looks like we were right all along!

Carbine surprised us today with a new, out-of-the-blue reveal of a special, available-for-one-week-only Collector’s Edition that unlocks the only bi-faction race in the game, the Dregg. This was especially surprising considering that the Dregg were a fan-favorite for ” the secret Exile race,” which turned out to be the Mordesh race.

The race has been added to the Races page on the Wildstar website. It will only be available from a Collector’s Edition of the game, that is being released a week before launch! They will be able to be the following classes:

Exile Dominion
Medic Esper
Warrior Engineer

Jeremy Gaffney noted that this seeming “class imbalance” was to counter the fact that Spellslingers and Stalkers were so popular in Beta. Pricing details of the CE are to be announced.   Which kind of Dregg will you be rolling at launch!?

EDIT: This is obviously an April Fool’s joke. Also…kind of a jab at ESO’s CE. hahahaha

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  1. this class is not on the wildstar race website

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