Mar 272014
esper raid set 001 This week Carla, Joe, Drew, and Seamus discuss the PvP drop, more about preorders, the raid set art that has recently been discovered, and more!




  1. Preorders
  2. Cracking Skulls in Walatiki Temple
  3. It’s time for some PVP on Nexus:
    More PVP goodness:
    March 25: Arenas Deep Dive
    March 26: AMA on Reddit
    March 27: Halls Battleground Deep Dive
    March 29: PvP Livestream on Twitch
  4. Raid set


Discussion Topics

The “true cost” of endgame


Community Shoutout

Kanyon @WSKanyon

Podcast Shoutout

  1. Planet Nexus
  2. Nexus Weekly
  3. Mission Nexus
  4. Wildcast
  5. Late Night Dominion
  6. Wildstar Nation Podcast
  7. Set To Heroic
  8. Wildstar Reporter

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Thank you, EVERYONE, for listening!

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I guess I’ll need to start scouting out the horrific fashion in Wildstar.

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