Mar 112014
new_HUD This week is a sober episode, as Joe is out taking care of his poor, sick family, and Drew and Carla don’t mention TSW even once. What they do mention is getting rid of endgame blues, what the Lopp says, pros and cons of life on Nexus, and more!




  1. Gamezone: Wildstar’s Adventure system could solve MMO end-game blues
  2. What does the Lopp say?
    (parody of “What does the fox say?” which is an annoying, and weirdly popular song)
  3. Adventures livestream
  4. The Pros and Cons of Life in Nexus
  5. Discussion topic: Horizontal progression at the endgame. Does an XP bar by any other name not still feel as grindy?


Wildstar Wednesday

Wednesday, Feb. 26th – Wildstar UI 2.0 Preview: Less is more


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