Jan 242014

Hey guys! While looking at the classes/paths, I thought it would be cool to get titles in game for each max-level character combination. The titles would be able to be used on all of your toons. Obviously, I don’t know if Carbine wants to do this or not (though I did leave the idea on the Beta forums), but it would be cool if they did. What do you guys think of the following combos?


Theme: Schools of engineering

Settler/Engineer: Civil Engineer

Scientist/Engineer: Chemical Engineer

Soldier/Engineer: Combat Engineer

Explorer/Engineer: Surveying Engineer



Theme: Jobs within an Old West town

Settler/Spellslinger: Sherriff

Scientist/Spellslinger: Undertaker

Soldier/Spellslinger: Gunslinger

Explorer/Engineer: Cowboy



Theme: Ancient military roles

Settler/Warrior: Sentry

Scientist/Warrior: Sapper

Soldier/Warrior: Berserker

Explorer/Warrior: Conqueror



Theme: Semi-modern day jobs

Settler/Esper: Architect

Scientist/Esper: Psychologist

Soldier/Esper: Tactician

Explorer/Esper: Trailblazer



Theme: Loosely based around crime, because of the stealth thing

Settler/Stalker: Burglar

Scientist/Stalker: Arsonist

Soldier/Stalker: Assassin

Explorer/Stalker: Scout



Theme: Jobs in the medical field

Settler/Medic: Attending Physician

Scientist/Medic: Biochemist

Soldier/Medic: Field medic

Explorer/Medic: Time Lord (get it?)…or Paramedic (so as not to infringe on copyright)


What do y’all think? Any suggestions?

  2 Responses to “Path/Class Combo Ideas (Just a random idea)”

  1. Time Lord got a giggle out of me. :)

  2. Love it ! i hope you posted in Beta forum ! tho only disadvantage i see is i will roll Engineer as main i am Civil Engineer IRL, but i like explorer path.. will i go for fun or for title ??

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