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Jan 212014

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олимп тренд
Welcome to another installment of Wildstar Radio.  This is Episode #34, recorded Monday, January 13th, 2013. This week we get a little bit pervy, and talk about Wildstar’s character creation, and the (ahem) “enhancements” that some folks have taken umbrage to. Well, we talk about that In between giggling like schoolchildren and comparing the system to different MMOs.

Oh, and we also chat a bit about other Wildstar-related news too. But really, we all know you just want to hear the boob talk. Maybe the other co-hosts too.


  1. Sexism in Wildstar?
  2. How does Wildstar’s character creation stack up against other MMOs? Is there oversexualization present in the armor? When does “hot” become “too hot?”
  3. Science and Habits shaped Wildstar’s Paths
  4. What Wildstar learned from Bioshock and Dark Souls

Wildstar Wednesday…

Thursday, January 9th: Stalker Class Livestream – Now moved to January 18th, but wth special BONUS!!!! Pappy VS Frost PvP Battle!

Tuesday, December 17th: Vine contest winners

Shoutout to other podcasts…

  1. Planet Nexus
  2. Nexus Weekly
  3. Mission Nexus
  4. Wildcast
  5. Late Night Dominion
  6. Wildstar Nation Podcast
  7. Set To Heroic
  8. Wildstar Reporter


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