Dec 132013

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Protostar Corporation has put it’s seal of approval on the Epic NDA drop on information about happenings around Nexus. That’s right! Unless you have been living under a rock, the press NDA has dropped on information for levels 1-15. Please remember this is about beta and that any information/game features seen in these links or upcoming articles are subject to change before launch.

Seriously, we would like to thank our friend Arawulf at Wildstar Fans for sharing the following information.  It was such a great compilation that we saw no reason to recreate another list.

WildStar is turning into a formidable MMO – MMORPG
Hands on with WildStar beta – PCGamesN
WildStar Gameplay Videos – WildStarESP (YouTube)
Level 1-3 Arkship Experience – Dealspwn
Public Events Playthrough – Dealspwn
WildStar Preview – Den of Geek
Quests, Challenges and Public Events –


Fist Impressions with Ripper X – MMORPG
Level 1-15 First Impressions – Gamebreaker

The Medic is a Doctor … and a Killer – MMORPG
Hands-on with the Medic – Massively
The Engineer: a DPS/Tanking Specialist – MMORPG
Hands-on with the Engineer – Massivley

WildStar Crafting – a Deep Experience – MMORPG

WildStar PvP – Chaotic & Strategic – MMORPG

WildStar Beta Character Creation – Gameskinny
WildStar Online – Preguntas frecuentes (Video guia) – WildStar ESP
Character Creation Video – Dealspwn
Hands on with Character Creation – Massively
Character Creation –

WildStar Player Housing – More than just an add-on – MMORPG
Hands on with Player Housing – Massively

Corey Jenkins interview with Mike Donatelli – ZAM
Interview with Stephan Frost – MMORPG
Interview with Stephan Frost – Gamebreaker
Interview with Matt Mocarski – Gamerzines

NDA-less AMA (15 levels) – WildStar Core
WildStar Press NDA Drop – WildStar-Central

If you have additional videos, articles, etc. Please share in the comments! We are now permitted to answer any questions you might have about the game up to level 15. Ask us your questions!

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