Dec 122013

MedicWelcome to WildStar Radio, episode #32 recorded Sunday, December 8th, 2013. In this weeks episode, your intrepid hosts Carla, Joe, and Drew are joined by Medley, Joe’s Australian Shepard… at some inappropriately hilarious times.

The hosts certify that no animals were actually harmed in the making of this podcast, though one was CLEARLY disgruntled about the content.

This week we start with the Stalker class page:

And of course we meke mention of the DevSpeak video… we ask you – Doesn’t the voice of the Black ROwsdower sound a lot like Dr. Claw?

MEDIC!! You might not want one if you’re a space pirate…

And what’s a class page without some gameplay video footage featuring Stephan Frost?

Ccurious about those odd AOE shapes and telegraphs? Check out this diagram of Medic Spells

And while you’re at it, enjoy the hilarious WildStar Flick:


Wildstar Wednesday

This week, since we took a week off for the American Thanksgiving holiday, and stuffed ourselves on Roswdower with Stemdragon Salad, we covered both the stalker…

And the medic…

With some Livestreams:  part 1 –  part 2


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