Nov 272013
spellslinger_classdrop_03 This week, Carla, Joe, and Drew saddle up and take on the Spellslinger! They’re wranglin’ the Reddit Spellslinger AMA, the Spellslinger Devspeak, and more stuff related to the Spellslinger!




  1. New Spellslinger Class Page
  2. Wildstar Spellslinger AMA
  3. The Esper Livestream
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
  4. Discussion topic: Have you ever played “the Hunter archetype”? Or against it? Or with it? What do you like/dislike about Hunter class-types?

Wildstar Wednesday

November 20th: (Re)announcing the Spellslinger



Podcast Shoutout

  1. Planet Nexus
  2. Nexus Weekly
  3. Mission Nexus
  4. Wildcast
  5. Late Night Dominion
  6. Wildstar Nation Podcast
  7. Set To Heroic
  8. Wildstar Reporter


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