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As I did way back when for the Reddit PvP AMA, I decided to compile the Reddit AMA questions and answers for the Warrior. Here is the Wildstar Reddit Warrior AMA Transcript for easy viewing and organization! They are organized by Warrior-specific things (like skills, animations, and so forth), Tanking information, and General information.

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Number Question Answer
1 Will we see ourselves as warriors needing to “switch” between the hand cannon and the greatsword? Or will the cannon be “always enabled” and used when we activate the corresponding ranged ability? The arm cannon will always be enabled when you use an ability that requires it.
2 Besides the tether and leap, will the warrior have any other gap closer? If not, do you think those abilities are enough? The PvP video that came back from PAX made me not want to play a warrior :(. Having a range class kite you forever is not very fun. Warriors have another fun ability called “Plasma Whip”. When you use this, you launch a whip out of your arm cannon and grab the closest target in your firing area and yank them back to your location.
3 What is your favorite non-tanking ability for warriors? For me… that would be Tether Anchor. Basically, you put an anchor in the ground and attach a beam to your target. Once that happens, your target can only move X meters away from the anchor, until they destroy the anchor (or the duration of the anchor expires)
4 Hey guys I played the beta all day at comic con and I noticed with changing stances you had to type /stance1 /stance2 or what ever it was, and was wondering if your planning on changing that so there is some sort or UI for it?
Thanks your friend from mass Donald :)
This has already been converted to a UI element! I’ll make sure the guys show this off on the Livestream on Saturday!
5 Hello! Fantastic to meet you guys, cant wait to get further into the testing (wink wink nudge nudge)Meanwhile, could you tell please whether warriors (as they are right now) might be significantly better suited towards soloing hard content than some other classes? Essentially what im asking is, will all classes have good ways of soloing hard content (im not talking solo questing, im talking i.e. soloing elite mobs etc), or will warriors have a significant advantage due to their heavy armor etc?Every MMO handles it differently – hence me asking whether being heavy armored melee will give a very significant advantage for people who love soloing stuff Being a Tank is one of the Warrior’s primary roles. This means the Warrior has access to a suite of abilities that allow them to take extra punishment.With the Action Set you can build your Warrior to have a lot of these abilities while still having decent damage output so that you can solo through content as a “beefier” allowing you to take on difficult creatures more easily without slowing your pace down too much on normal creatures.That being said we have a lot of content throughout the game that is intended for a myriad of group sizes (2, 3, 5, etc.) that will likely still prove to be too difficult for even the most skilled solo players.
6 Is the arm cannon an actual piece of gear? The arm cannon is not currently a piece of gear, instead it is something that all warriors get from the start and is activated through the use of the abilities within your Action Set.We talked about making it a piece of gear at one point, but due to needs from other departments it is best to hold off on that for launch.
7 Will the Hand Cannon model change cosmetically with different gear or is it expected that a Level 1 Warrior will have the same Arm Cannon as a max level Warrior with Tiered Gear Sets? Each ability makes it look drastically different while in use, but the looks do stay the same through leveling.
8 Hi guys! So, I have 2 questions, one about the Warrior, and one about wildstar in general.Does the warrior have any self-healing or life-steal planned, or will a warrior need to rely on a good healer?Is there any plans for VR support, such as Oculus Rift, Virtuix Omni, or Razer Hydra? The Warrior can put together some self sustain through abilities, AMPs, gagets, and gear. I don’t have any info on question #2 ;D.
9 You mentioned in new Warrior page that Warriors get stronger the more they damage they take. Is this a passive ability or is it more tied in with active abilities? Through the A.M.P. system, one of our class customization systems there are passive abilities that you can unlock to unlock this behavior. With that system you can also unlock all kinds of cool additions to the base Warrior that will allow players to differentiate themselves from other Warriors and customize their playstyle.
10 Will we be able to change the color of the arm cannon’s effects (shield, saw, tether, etc)? Yeah I know superficial question, but that’s all I could think of atm. lol I know that I wish we could do that, unfortunately for launch no… but down the road I would say I hope so!
11 Will there be any swords shaped like giant bones?Can we/will we see some images in the future of female mechari Warriors? Please feed my need.Does the disclaimer from the recent Devspeak video relate to the warrior in any way?

Is the armor we see on the Female Cassian Warrior preview an example of high-end gear or is it the kind of gear we can expect to be wearing throughout the game? It looks amazing in comparison to some of the other previews, which look drab.

I’ve been completely impressed by what our Art team has made for the Warrior. There are some really impressive swords and Armor sets.During the Livestream on Saturday we’ll be able to show more of this off!
12 Are you sure you want to give us a half hour? 6 mins in and there’s already 40-odd questions.What are your feelings on ‘self-healing’ for soloing content? One of the problems I frequently find frustrating when playing a ‘warrior’ type class is that there’s insufficient passive healing to keep the action flowing while questing or other solo type activities.Stopping to drink after every pull is a deal breaker. As long as you have to sacrifice something else (such as DPS), we are fine with giving non-healing classes some sustain. You’ll find that on abilities (for example, the Warrior can heal his shields through various abilities) and through AMPs that give things like lifesteal or heals when you crit.Every class will have a Shield. You can think of this as an additional health bar. That will take damage before your actual health.If you do not take damage for a period of time you will start regenerating your Shield, even in combat.

Additionally out of combat your Shield regenerates much faster than your health. The goal of the Shield is to promote skillful play and avoiding telegraphs so that you take Shield damage but as little health damage as possible allowing your to move from encounter to encounter without lower downtime.

13 We’ve heard quite a bit of the cc and how they will not be up to get away. Could you explain a bit further in depth about the warrior’s closing mechanics i.e. closing distance to target. The Warrior has several gap closers, one of them being a CC that pulls enemies to you.Additionally they have Leap, one of my favorite abilities. This is a freeform attack that causes the Warrior to leap forward or leap to their nearest enemy.One of the tiers for this ability unlocks a second charge allowing you to rapidly jump between two enemies or continually pursue somebody trying to kite you.
14 Will i be able to get a cosmetic lightsaber-esque epic drop? Thatll make it all worth it I’m not getting sued by Mr. Lucas (momma didn’t raise no dumb Gaffers) but nothing is impossible. None at the moment ;)
15 Can you give more details about the CCs? The Warrior has a bunch of fun CC abilities.Kick: A melee cone Knockdown. This ability synergizes great with Savage Strikes which deals double damage to knocked down enemies.Plasma Whip: A ranged pull ability. Teach those Spellslingers a lesson when they try to escape.

Tether: This is a ranged skill shot that hits a single enemy and anchors them to their current position preventing them from moving more than 10 meters away from the Tether unless its destroyed.

Flash Bang: Blind! Hit enemies with this and watch them fumble around.

Taunts: Reduce your enemies damage to your allies.

16 Tether sounds pretty damn hilarious. I get the feeling PvP is going to be amazing on a warrior. Tether is ALWAYS hilarious. I tend to do a 1-2 combo of Disarm -> Tether and then watch them run to try and get their weapon over and over again.
17 Oh wow. That’s awesome. Is the victim able to destroy the Tether Anchor without a weapon? For instance, is it a “spam key to breakout” or does it actually have hit points? They have hit points. Not a lot, of course, but enough to require a few hits to take out (after finally realizing you’ve been tethered).
18 Plasma Whip Is targeted or we can escape from it? It is a skill shot so you can evade it in the sense that you will not be pulled if the Warrior has poor aim.
19 With the arm cannon, is it possible to do significant ranged DPS, or is more of just a secondary weapon used more for utility than anything else? Tank warriors are actually able to set up some Action Sets that are heavily geared torwards ranged attacks with the Arm Cannon. Keep it mind that in general the range will still be shorter than that of a Esper or Spellslinger or … (nice try, I’m not gonna reveal redacted like Frost did!)
20 How does the Warriors assault spec DPS compare with other DPS specced classes? Can players expect a slight DPS penalty due to its heavy armor? For all of our tank classes we have stances. These stances allow the tank classes to give up some of their defensive perks to gain additional offensive/dps capabilities. This allows them to switch to a DPS role, without making them overpowered.
21 After looking at the new warrior page (which looks amazing) are those listed the only races that can be a warrior? Hey jcav299, those are the 6 warrior/race combinations planned for launch.
22 Is the bitch slap Frost talked about in the latest DevSpeak an actual ability? Yup, but its real name is Wallop. ;)
23 What overlap is there between Tank Warriors and DPS Warriors as far as gear/skillset goes? While levelling, heavy overlap, at cap, fairly little – you tend to become more specialized as you a) have more options and b) have a better defined set of character choices you’ve made over time.
24 In mmorpgs, I’ve always liked shields and the way they look, especially big ones (Bulwark of Azzinoth in WoW, so cool). I don’t think it’s possible to modify the way the abilities look, but could that be a feature in a patch or something? I would really like to change the way my spells and abilities look.What do you think is the single, most “warriorish” ability you got in the game and what does it do?Was Warrior a clear choice when you started designing classes or was it something that was later added or was it a fusion of two classes etc.? 1) we’re on board over time letting you modify how your characters actions look – nothing specific for launch but it’s right in the heart of letting folks play how they want to play2) Leap, harpoon are very warriorish and combo well – kick a guy backwards then pull him right into your next overhand smash; it feels great having that much control over an enemy.3) Warrior was in right from the get-go, along with the spellslinger. Both were intended to be a fusion of fantasy and technology/scifi although the details of how they do so have iterated over time.
25 This may have been asked already, but it would be great to know how Warriors deal with say, caster or other players/creatures CC. It seems from most of the videos they’re aimed towards getting to the target or possibly becoming an immovable object. There’s always been the battle of the Melee vs. Caster, would love to know more about that :D Players get access to interrupt armor over time as well (basically CC resistance). Warriors can basically spec to tend to tank through stuff that would knock over or disable lesserly awesome folk, so they are less dodgy and more take hits than the other classes as well.


Number Question Answer
26 Will Tanking warriors have any abilities to protect players in a telegraph? Such as a cone behind them? The Warrior does indeed have some cool abilities that allow you to protect your teammates from taking damage from creatures and telegraphs.Defense Grid, a longer cooldown ability, creates a protective zone that when the Warrior and allies stand inside of it take less damage. This ability is especially useful in group content such as dungeons when you know the boss has an attack that you will not be able to avoid.Plasma Wall, when tiered up grants a defensive buff to allies when they stand closely behind the Warrior when using the ability.

Sentinel is a targeted passive ability that sacrifices some of the Warrior’s armor and grants it to an ally. This is great for off-tank builds where you are less concerned with pure mitigation.

27 How will taunting work? Will that be a telegraphed ability, or will it be targeted? Taunting in Wildstar is entirely aim based. Some are like skill shots where as others are PBAE that require more careful positioning rather than aiming.Default Taunts will temporarily set you to max Threat for the duration of the Taunt. When the taunt wears off you will resume your normal position in the threat list.Intimidates, are more powerful taunts on a longer cooldown. The difference between Intimidates and taunts are that you will retain your position at the top of the threat list when the taunt wears off. (Unless a reckless DPS or Healer is still generating more threat than you)

Additionally Taunts in Wildstar will also reduce the damage dealt by enemies to all players that are NOT the taunter. For example I the Warrior taunt a boss, it will now do less damage to my group members while the taunt is active. This functionality also works in PvP.

28 Does this mean that taunts may also be used for raid-wide mitigation (eg: before the boss does an unavoidable AOE) ? Yes this is a valid strategy. This is best used by Taunts rather than Intimidates as they are on a shorter cooldown.This improves the dynamic of using Taunts if you are secure in with your threat generation. As it means the ability is not dead weight in your Action Set.There are encounters that require multiple tanks for a single boss and misuse of your taunts and preventing a tank swap could lead to a wipe
29 Will taunting change the PVP player’s target to the tank? No, we felt that this would be too intrusive, specifically with our combat system that has very few targeted abilities.This means that player will have to actively react when they are taunted. Do you continue trying to kill who you are fighting, back off, switch targets all part of the PvP strategy.
30 Are warrior tanks meant to eat telegraphs more so than dodge? It has been stated that warrior tanks will have the best mitigation and I am wondering how that will work into the play style. This is kind of the player’s choice, but also dependent on how good your gear is and what a specific encounter requires.If you have good gear and the encounter needs you to keep the boss in a specific position then you will probably have to face tank a telegraph. It is then up to the Warrior to decide when to use Defensive cooldowns.There are other encounters, or specific boss abilities that you need to dodge out of and your group will need to respond to positioning changes.
31 So would you say that the warrior’s ability to tank a telegraph via Heavy Armor is what will make a tanking Warrior and a tanking Stalker feel different than one another? Yes but the complete picture comes down to the differences between available abilities, what Action Set you are using, how you setup your A.M.P.s and what tactics you apply to different encounters.
32 Will boss mobs be fully mobile while they’re casting telegraphs like breaths etc? It sounds to me like you’re expecting a large position change for something that could be as simple as a quick dip to the side. Both of these situations can happen and there are environmental attacks to consider as well.Players will have to be quick to react to what is happening, sometimes a dodge is all that’s needed, sometimes you need to stand still and eat damage, or you may need to move to a completely different area dodging telegraphs as you go.
33 Hey guys, thanks for doing this.Warriors are tanks. How is threat management tuned for tanks? (Is it tightly tuned so the threat game is important or is the focus more on survivability/awareness with a high multiplier so tanks easily out-threat DPS).Can you give an example of how a tanking Warrior’s LAS might be set up? Specifically, how do taunts work for Warriors? Will we have to use 1-2 slots on our LAS for a single-target/AoE taunt? Hey unindel, thanks for coming by!Currently we tune threat management to be fairly easy as long as you are staying in the fight and using your abilities effectively.As a Warrior Tank you’ll generally have your no cooldown Basic Ability (Menacing Strikes), a no cooldown Primary Attacked (that requires Kinetic Energy to be used), a few cooldown based rotational abilities, and then a mixture of taunts/CCs/Oh $#&$ buttons. The mixture really depends on your confidence in your healer and other group members.
34 Will Wildstar employ a “Guard” style mechanic similar to games like Warhammer Online or SW:TOR, giving full tank builds an easily identifiable role in PvP I mentioned Sentinel in another answer. This ability sacrifices some of the Warrior’s defense to grant it to a single ally. This buff lasts until it is toggled off.This ability is as valid for DPS as it is for Tanks.
35 Is it intended for majority of raids to use a Warrior as their main tank? How many tanks would a typical raid require in 20man and 40man? No, not at all. The last few weeks of our raid test, we’ve been using a Stalker Tank that we lovingly refer to as the STank.
36 Hey guys! How hard will it be for a DPS class to pull threat from a comparably geared Warrior? Will we see Warriors asking the DPS in their group to “give them a minute” to grab aggro? Yes, but it shouldn’t be too common. It will happen most often at the start of a fight, during threat wipes, or if the tank has to spend too much time dodging around and not actually staying on the NPC.We do give Tanks tools to recover threat pretty quickly with Taunts and Intimidates. (Marc covered these more in another post).
37 This is more a tanking question than directed at the Warrior specifically, but what will you be doing to make tanks and therefore, Warrior Tanks viable in PvP besides solely CC? Tank Warriors are definitely viable in PvP. Protecting your allies and objectives in PvP is a completely viable strategy. In Arenas a Tank Warrior will focus on protecting their allies and controlling enemies.In Battlegrounds such as Walatiki Temple Tank Warriors are fantastic Mask carriers. In Halls of the Bloodsworn Tank Warriors are fantastic for the offensive team to push the advantage and capture control points.In Warplots there is an element of PvE and Tanks Warriors are perfect for defending their Warparty from enemy warbots.

Just keep in mind that Tank Warriors not out there to land killing blows but are there to soak up damage (which is a stat that is tracked on the scoreboards!)

It’s nontrivial to track if evasion-tanking is a thang, probably why it’s not usually scoreboarded.

38 I usually gravitate toward a health return type tank class. It makes for a really fun solo leveling experience. Will the Warrior, whilst specced more defensively, have the ability to steal enemy health or receive health on enemy death ? To answer your question directly, no the Warrior will not focus on lifesteal, buuuuuut:We have a feature in WildStar called “Shields” that is like another health pool. You get shields via a generator that you equip on your character. All classes will have access to this, but we consider the Warrior to be one of the best when it comes to making the most of this feature. They have a suite of abilities that allow them to reboot their shields, replenish their shields, strengthen their shields, etc.
39 Hey devteam, thanks for doing this Ama!My question is directed specifically at the tanking role.Will Warriors who tank dungeons/raids be primarily focused on mitigating the damage they take, dealing out competitive damage themselves, or just keeping the boss on them and not others? Or will there be a mixture of some/all of these things?

If it’s a mixture (or determined by the skillset chosen as I’d assume) will this be dependent on the fight, ie: skillsets changing constantly to fit the situation as a tank needs?

What a Warrior tank does in any specific fight will primarily come down to what is needed to defeat the encounter. The short answer is that they will be doing a mixture of all of those things, sometimes all at once if that is what the encounter requires.
40 Is tank threat going to matter on a boss fight?i.e., if you play super defensive (both in playstyle and ability selection), are DPS likely to pull aggro?This isn’t entirely Warrior related, but if Warrior tanking involves rolling around and dodging stuff, it might be. Threat is generated form all attacks, heals, CC’s, and buffs/debuffs.To make sure that the Warrior has the edge they can use their defensive stance Bulwark to increase their threat generation.There are also specific abilities, tiers, and A.M.P.s that can increase your threat generation if you feel like you need a boost.
41 there was an interview with A carbiner who said that warriors made better tanks in the end game because heavy armor is less bursty then dodge based stalkers. Is this still the case? This is really going to depend on the specific encounter and the type of healer that you have. Warriors can mitigate a ton of damage and heal their own shields, but Stalkers are able to avoid so much damage that it keeps them fairly even.Also… Redacted will give Warriors a run for their money as the Main Tank in almost any situation
42 Are warriors going to have class defining cooldowns that make them the must have for certain situations? With a smaller subset of abilities that are available to you at any given time with the Action Set we have actively moved away from having really long cooldowns (longer than 5 minutes).That being said the Warrior has a bunch of abilities that are very unique that set themselves apart such as:Emergency Reserves: This fully restores your Shield and increases your maximum Shield Capacity and grants some limited protection from CC.

One of the tiers of this ability also causes this to affect nearby allies.

Unstoppable Force: This breaks your free from all CC’s and grants you complete immunity to CC’s for a short duration.

One of the tiers of this ability also causes this to significantly increase your movement speed while the buff is active.

43 We’ve seen a lot of power-smashing abilities from the warrior, but I’m curious how threat is generated. Is there to be some sort of buff that increases threat gained from all normal whomping abilities, or will we get a power ~shield~? There are a couple of ways that the Warrior can generate threat: Their tanking stance increases all threat generation, they have access to some abilities that are geared towards generating high threat, and they have soft and hard taunts.
44 For Tanking will there be a “dodge” or “parry” stat, or will it be moving out of telegraphs and you will be hit by all auto attacks unless the boss is to miss? I have really enjoyed all of the interactions that have been available between the fan base and the development team. We have a Deflect and Deflect Crit stat. These can work on telegraphs AND regular attacks.
45 I might not roll a warrior, still waiting for that unannounced tanking class.. but When a warrior takes hits, if he is able to do a “block/parry/dodge” is he able to block/parry/dodge while facing away from the mob?(example: In wow you would not be able to block while showing the enemy your back) Currently all of your evasion checks occur regardless of your orientation. This is something we are still in discussions about and it may change before launch!
46 If a Warrior kills a Rowsdower in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, did he really kill it? The real question is… was it 1 was it 10? Warriors can be quite bloodthirsty!
47 Hi Wildstar Team, Thank you for doing this AMA! In your opinion, how will the warrior class in Wildstar differ from the multitude of warrior classes that veteran MMO players have encountered in gaming so far? What redeeming qualities do you feel set your warriors apart from all others? Are there any familiarity-pitfalls that your team is actively trying to avoid? Looking forward to you game! =) We actually tend to have our classes break down into a few that give you something comfortable mechanically and some that you’ve never seen before. The warrior is intended to feel very comfortable to people who are used to that class/role.So the differences are those that really are WildStar differences in general – more movement than normal, more skill aiming and timing, more over-the-top (nuclear armcannons!), etc. Hopefully those are enough to leap familiarity pitfalls – if not, some of the other classes are much more exotic (by design)
48 It’s immediately clear how awesome the combat animations are but I haven’t seen much yet that shows Warrior defensive abilities. Are there cool abilities (with cool, unique animations) for defensive stuff as well as all the chopping, blasting and kicking? The races have dodge/roll animations, as well as flinches/etc. as they are hit. Some defensive warrior abilities have some over-the-top effects (more rarely do they have specific animations as devs need to do those per race-and-gender skeleton; i.e. if you made a “cower” animation you need to make about 13 animations (more potentially with transition or state animations – i.e. walking, running, etc.) while if you make a big ol forceshield effect you need to make 1 of them)


Number Question Answer
49 Three dimensional targeting; How is combat in eviroment such as zero gravity, under water, on different elevations handled in a skillshot game? It actually just works the same way it does in the regular environment. All class telegraphs have a standard height associated with them, meaning that they can hit things above or below your current position.
50 In a swimming, floating environment, how will the actual telegraph be visible without a texture to project it on? Will it hover in the air, or will it display on the ground below? They will display on the ground (as long as that area is within the telegraph area). We’ve talked about making them 3 dimensional, but if we do end up doing something like that it will be post launch.
51 Also raises the question, are there any underwater or zero gravity situations? Mmhmmm. We highlight the zero gravity situations more frequently than the underwater ones though.
52 We’ve already seen zero gravity situation in the Shiphands sneak attack video, but no idea how telegraphed attacks would work in this kind of a scenario. Underwater gameplay we have seen in normal play footage from different youtube videos, mainly swimming over a river, and going underwater for brief periods. I personally have not seen telegraphed attacks used in either situations. We do more low gravity than zero gravity – telegraphs feel pretty good in shallow water, but if you’re swimming in the vertical middle of a big ocean or deep lake not so much. Later, that’s probably 3D telegraphs.We don’t set a lot of PvE combat in those areas by default. Of course, PvPers gonna PvP.
53 With respect to the new Milestone ability system: Is there any reason to stop at the T4 marker and not go to the T8 marker?ie. Base Sawblade is a DoT, T4 makes it a snare as well, and T8 make it a healing incoming debuff and removes the snare?Or is going up the Teir always just going to add effects ontop of the previous ones? Most of our Major Ability Tiers either make abilities better at what they do by rewarding good gameplay or add new functionality that will adjust how you use the ability within your rotation. They should never have drawbacks that would discourage you from tiering them up.Our AMP system does have some of that sort of thing that you mention with removing completely altering ability functionality.
54 This. Could you please give some examples of the differences we can expect between T0, T4 and T8 skills?Also, how many Points will we have at level cap? IGN article said you start getting points from level 10, so i presume 51? Or will points be more than 1 per level?Semirelated to the above, how many T8 skills can a player expect to have at level cap? A basic example of a T4/T8 bonus is adding ability charges to a cooldown ability, this means you’ll be able to use that ability back to back. One really cool T8 bonus on the Warrior is making Plasma Wall reduce damage taken by your nearby allies as long as you stay in front of them.You currently earn 41 ability tier points by the time you reach level 50. Tiers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 all cost 1 point each. Tiers 4 and 8 both cost 5 points each. This means that by 50 you’ll be able to max 2 abilities to tier 8 (16 points each).We are also planning on allowing you to earn more points at cap through our Elder Game, the current idea is that we’ll let you raise 4 abilities up to T8.
55 I know this isn’t Warrior related, but will the extra ability tier points be gear-based, or permanent rewards from difficult challenges? And will all the extra points be available if you, for example, only PvP, or only PvE? Right now the plan is for them to be permanent rewards that you can earn by gaining experience at cap level.
56 Jonnyfappleseed: Hey there Carbine Team! I’m curious about the specifics of threat mechanics.Will dps need to be mindful of their own threat as to not pull aggro?Is snap taunting in the game, if so, how long is the cooldown/how many are there (ST, AoE, etc.) for any one action set?

I recognize there’s a lot of movement involved in Wildstar to keep anyone active, but threat mechanics seem to be something glazed over in most recent MMOs and has become very easy to hold and maintain threat, as well as dps classes having to know how to limit themselves. Also, would my name be allowed in Wildstar? Thanks!

Scooter: As much as we all laughed at your name, no, it would not be allowed. :D
Gaffney: Yes. The goal is to give tools for threat management other than “just don’t attack”, however.”Is snap taunting in the game, if so, how long is the cooldown/how many are there (ST, AoE, etc.) for any one action set?”Answered in another question (in a bit of depth). Various cooldowns, types.”I recognize there’s a lot of movement involved in Wildstar to keep anyone active, but threat mechanics seem to be something glazed over in most recent MMOs and has become very easy to hold and maintain threat, as well as dps classes having to know how to limit themselves. Also, would my name be allowed in Wildstar? Thanks!”We’d like to make threat management interesting rather than glazing over it, and nope, as Scooter says fappleseed probably equals banhammer :)
57 What can we expect from the stream, and in the next CBT will we get the 2 new classes? You should expect to see… the Warrior! We’re also going to try and show off some different areas of the game people haven’t seen before, so say goodbye (for now) to Northern Wilds, Algoroc, and Deradune.There’s also a ton of brand-new UI to show off, a new quest system, new ability mechanics, and basically a whole new game to go through all over again. Lots of new stuff.
58 do stance changes come with cool, over the top animations? Heh, not at the moment. Apparently there’s one area where we actually (for now) forgot over the top animations.
59 Hi guys! My question is not just about warriors. I´ve noticed that all of 4 announced classes share some ability icons. Are those only placeholders or are they permanent? Thank you and see you soon in-game! ;-) We’ve been using a small library of icons for the classes for a while. We actually just received a whole new batch of icons from our Art Team, which means no more sharing! This will be present in the Livestream and next phase of beta!
60 Pulling lots of mobs is a way to go as warrior. During Wildstar stream I noticed that enemies loose aggro fairly quickly. Is this intentional behavior? The build they were using to test the Livestream was our old PAX build from last summer and the behavior you were seeing was not intentional. Creatures will have a tether/leash range, but it shouldn’t feel that extreme.
61 Sorry to be off topic of Warrior. Was just wondering how naming would work in Wildstar? Are we allowed spaces between, special characters such as a – ? Letter limit for names? Just wondering Names are one word. I don’t know the specific character limit off the top of my head but I’d assume it’s a pretty standard length.One thing I know we’re considering is preventing special-character variants of names. So (the current plan) is that you wouldn’t be able to create Brofessional, Bròfessiònal, and Bröfessîõnâl on the same realm.
62 In regards to the interchangeable ability bar, if there are X number of slots are you free to put whatever combination of abilities in these slots or is each slot dedicated to only a specific selection of abilities? You will have your innate ability slot. This always has your class specific innate in it. (Some classes may have multiple innates they can switch between, but we’ll get into that at some point in the future)You will have 8 class ability slots. In these class ability slots you can currently put ANY of your class abilities into.You will have 1 path ability slot. You will be able to choose one of your path abilities and put it here.

You will also have 1 gadget slot. This will automatically be filled with whatever gadget you have equipped in your characters gadget slot.

63 The thing that burns me out about every single MMO, is the repetitive “collect 50 titberries!” quests…If I pick an Explorer path, can I reach level cap without collecting a single f****** titberry?Thanks! No titberries currently in the game.Paths actually bias 25-30% of the content you get. There are some collection quests in the main content, few in the Explorer content (many more for settlers who tend to gather resources and scientists who tend to scan titberry bushes to turn them into healing nodes or dragons or w/e).Regular quests tend to give you regular XP and path quests grant path XP; but there is some overlap as well (Explorers get path and reg xp for discovering new areas on the map, etc.)

You could avoid any titberry quests in the main content – especially if you make up for it XP-wise and level up occasionally using XP from battlegrounds/killing mobs/dungeons/etc. instead, but it’s probably more efficient to take the occasional gather quest. We try to make them more interesting usually than click-50-things; like having to jump through them and then having some in a low-grav zone or a minefield or both, etc.

So the strict answer is Yes, you can hit level cap avoiding having to gather 50 whatevers (especially if you chose to level through group PVE or PVP). If you like solo PVE it’s probably efficient to occasionally snag a few titberries.

64 Will we be able to have all those CC’s on our spell bars? Or will we have restriction for how many CC’s we can have? Currently we place no limit for different ability types. If you load an Action Set filled with CC’s you will be an excellent controller but your DPS or Mitigation will suffer as a consequence as you will not have those abilities on your bar.
65 Do the different races have different ranges or animation times? That was a big annoyance for me in Tera as a min-maxer; you essentially had a “best” race option for each class as their animations were superior either in reach or less delay in between their abilities. All races and genders will have the same range, animation times, and hit box.
66 At some point will you be releasing the specific information for spells so someone can create a talent/spell tree creator similar to the pre-Guildwars 2 site? Yes but we iterate so often during beta that it’d be like trying to catch a butterfly in your hand to nail down the data long enough to make the tree creator. As we get further through beta/gather and respond to more feedback that will be less so the case.
67 Will we get a more detailed overview of the different skills before launch?About that awesome level up animation: Is this class specific? I would expect to see a more detailed overview on the abilities before launch. I bet they’ll show a lot off on the stream this weekend! Also – the level up animation is not class specific.
68 How much of a factor is the holy trinity going to be in Wildstar? As in the whole tank-healer-DPS dynamic. I know that there’s going to be healing, tanking, and dealing damage in some degree. But for tanks ( warriors ), how prevalent would dodging attacks be compared to actually tanking it? And tied to that, how viable are actual purebreed tanks? Will the trinity have it’s place in Wildstar, or are you going for the sort of more eclectic thing where ” everyone can do everything ” philosophy functions? In smaller groups the Holy Trinity is going to be more apparent as you will have fewere players to fill the needed roles.In raid situations all classes will have a large set of tools with abilities, tiers, A.M.P.s, and gear to create unique builds that stray from the pure Tank, DPS, and Healer roles.
69 Will there be an option (at launch or in the future) of having a melee weapon other than a sword? (for example, axe, mace, halberd, etc)? Or does picking a warrior mean (swords till death do you part)? For launch we really wanted to focus on making sure we have identifiable silhouettes and amazing animations. To do this we poured our focus into a single weapon for each class. There is a possibility of expanding this post-launch, but for launch this is where our focus lies.
70 Thanks for taking the time to talk to us warriors. We can be pretty bone headed at times.Most of my questions about the class revolve around higher level gameplay/group content. Will any of that be shown on the Saturday stream?That being said, the solo aspect of the warrior looks fantastic and I’m excited to wrap my hands around that nuke powered hilt for the first time. We’re going to be showing off a variety of content over the next few months. Group content won’t be for at least a month, though, because we’ve got so many other things to go over before we add complexity with extra people. It’ll become clear what I mean this Saturday, because almost everything has changed since you last saw the game, and we don’t want to confuse newcomers to our stream with CHANGING ALL THE THINGS!I am, however, making sure that the Chad “Pappy” Moore vs. Stephan “I refuse to call him Daddy” Frost PvP duel happens before Thanksgiving. We have a couple technical hurdles to get past on that, but I will do everything in my power to make that happen ASAP.
71 I see the term “support” and “off-tank” get thrown around a lot as potential hybrid builds for the Warrior, and also for other classes.Will there be situations when these hybrid builds are viable in raiding or other difficult content, over someone who chooses to specialize in a specific role? Or will they mainly be for other areas of the game such as small group/solo content? There’s I think a natural tendency in raiding or large-scale PVE towards specialization – it’s a factor of the economies of scale (if you have a guy who can chop 1 cord of wood a day or make 5 pots and another who could chop 5 cords of wood or make 1 pot, if they work separately for 2 days you get 6 cords and 6 pots – if they specialize and work together you get 10 cords and 10 pots)But not everything breaks down so evenly, and there is also some flexibility in large-scale combat where folks with some survivability and some DPS might add flexibility to a fight vs have a few with high survivability and many with high DPS and no survivability.We’re aiming for some random/dynamic elements in many of our elder game fights (environmental hazards/minibosses/etc.). So vs. static raids, flexibility to handle a changing environment is more likely to pay off vs in a static fight where once you’ve mastered the art of locking the damage on certain party members everyone else can just focus on pure DPS and it’s inefficient to have hybrids.

Er, that might be a bit obtuse of an answer, but hopefully that makes sense.

72 ?blubthgil a ecalper ot ekat ti seod sroirraw ynam woH none, they don’t mind fighting in the dark.

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