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Oct 172013

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Welcome the the 27th episode of WildStar Radio! In our latest podcast, we talk about the last two-weeks worth of Protostar Corporation-Approved Media Information for General Consumption. You might call it “news”, but we here at Protostar don’t do anything simply. Phineas T. Protostar has also authorized us to talk about the super-casual-friendly-o-matic Community Meetup, at which co-host Joe was not brainwashed at all. Especially not via special Prostar-brand chemical brainwashing solutions presented in a Protostar approved malt beverage distribution system. You might call that “beer”, or “Granok vitamins”, but again, we’re Protostar, and it’s complicated.

Protostar Approved “News”:

Auction House / Commodity Exchange: Cross-Faction, but not Cross-Server!

Jeremy Gaffney on why the Beta cannot be bought

A Funny Beta Application Video

High score in all MMOs:

Medic Weapon posts

WildStar Community Meetup: Granok vitamins for all!

 Wildstar Wednesday:

October 2nd: October Game Systems Update

October 9th: Crossing the Streams

Side Note:

Names are per realm


  1. Planet Nexus
  2. Nexus Weekly
  3. Nexus Pirate Radio
  4. Mission Nexus
  5. Wildcast
  6. Late Night Dominion
  7. Wildstar Nation Podcast
  8. Set To Heroic
  9. Wildstar Reporter

As always, we ask that you please take a moment to leave us a positive feedback, as well as subscribe to our podcast, on iTunes or Stitcher. Contact us through our website (, Twitter (, Facebook (, or leave your questions or ideas for discussion topics by email at Also, you can leave us a voicemail using the app on the website.

Don’t forget – we are looking for writers! Send us an email at

Thank you for listening!

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