Sep 082013
 cass_rowsfessional This week Joe and Drew are briefly joined by Carla, whose internet subsequently fails. Regardless, they discuss the business model, DevSpeak videos, the progression of the Rowsdower from a random animal to a bonafide Wildstar icon, and more! See inside for show notes!




  1. Business model has been announced!
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  2. DREW: WSUplink: Did the race reveal change your allegiance?
  3. JOE: MMO Reporter interview – Telegraph colors
  4. DREW: Commodities exchange from Gortok
  5. JOE: Open World PvP video
  6. DREW: Genesis tool demonstration

Wildstar Wednesday

August 24th: DevSpeak on Crowd Control


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  3. Nexus Pirate Radio
  4. Mission Nexus
  5. Wildcast
  6. Late Night Dominion
  7. Wildstar Nation Podcast
  8. Set To Heroic

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Thank you, EVERYONE, for listening!

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  1. Don’t see any way to listen to this. Please fix.

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