Aug 122013
pyra_mordesh This week Carla and Drew discuss different types of PvPers, the (good) changability of the Devs, cool art by Pyra, and more! See inside for show notes!




  1. Wildstar vs. ESO
  2. How to survive the MMO update arms race
  3. Changes to crafting based on feedback
  4. Massively: Courting PvP in Wildstar
  5. Art Mentions: Pyra

Wildstar Wednesday

August 7th: State of the Beta


Wildstar vs. ESO article translation


News or not news? Yeah, the question I have just asked me. Sure, you could have just put it into the forum, but somehow I was then but then Wildstar in the fight with the “giants” Elder Scrolls Online support online. After all, behind it a huge “intelectual property”, while Wildstar is presented in a newly created world. This support does not seem necessary, however, if one looks at the current state of affairs is. WildStar leads CLEARLY before Elder Scrolls Online. Anyway: Who’s the muse, so can the visiting colleagues from Massively pay. Particularly hard-core may then read a few more comments in this post to vote.


I suspect a good portion of users here is Wildstar prefer, but there’s also people who are more interested in ESO and Wildstar rather the “second fiddle” playing? Yes? Then at the forum told something about what makes you so interesting and fascinating to ESO!



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Thank you, EVERYONE, for listening!

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