Aug 062013

Welcome to episode 22 of Wildstar Radio, recorded Saturday July 27th, 2013. This week, hosts Carla, Drew, and Joe being you oodles of Crispy Chua goodness, with lively discussion and witty repartee’. We also being you 100% less Julia Childs impersonations. So few in fact, that the FSW has certified this episode as impersonation-free. More after the jump…

In Wildstar News

  1. Once Upon a Contest –
  2. Chad Moore talks Chua personality and Moore  –
  3. Discussion topic: Should Class selection by limited by Race? –
  4. Art Mentions: Chuamogrify Your Character! –

Wildstar Wednesday

Meet Mondo Zax and Victor Lazarin –

The Weekly Shout-Out

  1. Planet Nexus –
  2. Nexus Weekly –
  3. Nexus Pirate Radio –
  4. Mission Nexus –
  5. Wildcast –
  6. Late Night Dominion –

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