Jul 252013

The day has finally come my fellow Wildstar fans! After a pair of teaser posters made their way to the internet around a week ago, many folks eagerly awaited to see if we would finally see the last of the two races for Wildstar, and wouldn’t you have it, we got them. Much like the paths announcement, this one also came with another excellent animation from Carbine to bring to light more on the Chua and the Mordesh, which can be found here.


These races, despite having vastly different backstories, culture, and more, share a similar place in their respective organizations. They take the role of the black sheep, the” weird-o”, or outcasts if you prefer. Neither the Dominion, nor the Exiles, seem very cozy with these guys, and in some cases almost seem to be repulsed by their less than conventional methods.

The Chua are shown to be resourceful, efficient, and genius in their craft, that craft being building anything and everything to kill those who would challenge these adorable little monsters. And monsters they most certainly are! These little buggers seem to have no issue with using their toys for everything from simple pranks to complete and utter destruction.

The Mordesh are a more methodical race. Once upon a time these people lived peacefully on their home planet until a brilliant breakthrough in medical science promised their kind the ability to live forever. Looks like someone forgot to mention the side effects, as the mutagen caused loss of sanity and cannibalism throughout the planet, and was quickly quarantined by the Dominion. In an act of desperation, the Mordesh now use a new serum that calms the ravenous nature of their illness, allowing them to think and act normally. Now feeling constrained and pushed under by the Dominion, they join the Exiles to make Nexus their new home, and hopefully develop a cure.

Will these new races sway your decision to one side or the other? Or does the reveal of these races only solidify your decision? We’re interested in hearing what you have to say!

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