Jul 242013
chua leaping Join your hosts Carla, Drew, and Joe for a light-hearted discussions of race relations and cannibalism. Luckily it has nothing to do with the real world we live in and everything to do with Carbine’s big news – the Chua and the Mordesh.

Oh, and we chat about this little convention nobody ever goes to called San Diego ComicCon… we don’t know why…

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  1. The BIG News: Carbine’s Race Reveal – http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/news/the_two_last_races_get_revealed.php
  2. More on the big news: Race gameplay @ Gamebreaker – http://www.wildstarfans.net/2013/07/chua-and-mordesh-gameplay-video.html
  3. Around the Community: How should players earn money? – http://www.wildstarfans.net/2013/07/wildstar-bucks-dailies-as-money-maker.html
  4. Around the Community: Kaeyi Dream’s lunch with Jeremy Gaffney (long video) – http://www.wildstarfans.net/2013/07/take-seat-with-wildstar-community.html
  5. Art mentions – Featured artist: Jenny Gates aka Evion – http://evion.deviantart.com/gallery/

Wildstar Wednesday

July 17th: San Diego Comic Con – http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/news/wildstar_wednesday_san_diego_comic_con.php


  1. Planet Nexus – http://www.wildstarfans.net/search/label/planet%20nexus%20podcast
  2. Nexus Weekly – http://nexusweekly.com/
  3. Nexus Pirate Radio – http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nexuspirateradio
  4. Mission Nexus – http://www.mission-nexus.com/
  5. Wildcast –http://www.mognation.com/podcast_podcasts/wildcast-3/
  6. Late Night Dominion – http://stream.latenightdominion.com/

Thanks EVERYONE for listening!

  2 Responses to “Episode 21: Some Recipes are Just Wrong”

  1. The Horde? Evil? Are you kidding me D: The Alliance are evil war mongering religious fanatic sons of motherless ogres!! The Horde are just like the Exiles, outcasts trying to stick together. Also, the Republic and the Empire in Star Wars are pretty much the same thing, Darth Vader forged the Empire from the Republic, the opposition were the Rebels during Darth Vader’s tyranny and the rather suspicious Trade Federation before Darth Vader.

    And maybe you need to step out oft he US-biased view to see what economical evil the Dominion represent, ruining planets’ ecosystems en masse. They don’t just force entire populations to relocate to different planets, they ruin it entirely, making it inhabitable for any wildlife. In my books, that is evil.

    • I enjoyed the first part of the comment / rant. I can even see the point of it, if you didn’t play through Warcraft 1 and 2. The horde was evil – demon possessed evil. Not much more evil than that. Are they sympathetic in that time period because they are victims of demons? But an evil you can sympathize with is still an evil. Plus, they brought the demonic evil on themselves in their lust for power. Burning Crusade also delved into that a bit. Further, In Cataclylsm and beyond, Garosh is evil – he lacks any morality and will do anything to expand the horde. Together, that equals evil. Not Stalin evil. Not Hitler evil. Not Pol evil. But evil still. What most people have played is the brief few years of non-evil in the horde’s long, long history of being thralls to evil. Pun intended, especially since Thrall left the horde.

      Your SW analogy is a bit off, however. Now, based on the iconography alone, my prediction is that the Imperials actually join the republic sometime in the 3500 years between KOTOR/SWTOR and the Skywalker saga (there’s also some justification of that in The Force Unleashed’s iconography as well), but that’s another topic. In SWTOR, the Empire is evil. In Star Wars’ Skywalker era, the Empire is evil. Origins in a republic or not, they became evil, much like Lucas’ reference point for Imperial design and history – Nazi Germany. The Weimar republic that preceded the third Reich was largely, grossly, and visibly incompetent, but they were a free society and certainly not the evil that the Reich became. And yes, I draw that comparison because that is where Lucas got his material from.

      Your second paragraph makes little sense to me. That’s kind of what we’re saying – the Dominion are, in many ways, evil. Sympathetic evil, because they were told that his was ok by their Eldan overlords. Again, sympathetic evil is still an evil. And of course not all of them are bad people, but they’re evil as a society. Again, like the horde. Sure, lots of good in there. Overall though – evil.

      Lastly, this has nothing to do with politics or geography beyond obvious comparisons, US-based or otherwise. As somebody who’s lived abroad and traveled rather extensively, I find that kind of US-bashing to be something of a mirror-paradox. Vitriol piled on a generalization is blind generalization, regardless of the target. Not everyone in the US is an antagonistic prig. Not everyone in France surrenders. Not every Englishman is stuffy. Not every Russian is a drunkard. Not every Aussie is free-wheeling cowboy, etc. etc. etc. Sadly, your points get lost in your antagonism.

      (edited b/c spell check changed my misspelling of “weimar” to “wehrmacht”… go figure)

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