Jul 172013

The Doctor is in!

This column dissects, bisects, and totally gouges out the gory details of Wildstar’s path system. As a Doctor of Path-ology, I have taken my Hypocritic Oath to research and probe the world of Nexus and keep you up to date with all the latest changes that may impact your character. This week, we look at The Scientist!


The Scientist path is the lore-junkie of the planet Nexus soaking in information about the game’s story line with the help of his trusty Scan-Bot.  At first glance, I saw the Scientist path as custom made for the solo player who really likes to get in depth with the lore and mysteries of the planet and likes to solve puzzles.

There is a great video from Rezzed where the Wildstar developers share insights on many aspects of the game that brought the path system into a new light in relation to everything else the game has to offer.  After seeing the video, I saw the Scientist path as more of a knowledge-junkie than a lore-junkie.   The Scientist path goes beyond acquiring lore to gathering data on the planet’s various environments and that is very cool!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Scientist can use their knowledge to augment group play.  The ability to share the knowledge the Scientist has gathered during solo play with a group brings in a new dimension to group play.  The Scientist can bring in specific information about a zone’s flora and fauna that could aid the group’s in their quest for fortune, glory, and kicking butt as well as unlocking areas for the other paths by solving the various challenging and ever changing dynamic puzzles!

I believe that the Scientist path will be extremely popular with players as it lends to both solo play as well as group play with the ability to share the knowledge they have gained with their fellow players.

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