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Jun 272013



This week Carla, Drew, and Joe discuss lots of videos, the tragedy of the Rowsdower, and coral reefs.





  1. Game Skinny Interview with Chris Lynch (Lead combat designer)
  2. MMORPG interview with Chris Lynch (Lead combat designer)
  3. Gamebreaker TV Wildstar Gameplay
  4. Rowsdower stuff
  5. Pay it forward Week
  6. New EU Community team
  7. Taugrim’s “Why PvE Content Shouldn’t Be A Coral Reef”

Wildstar Wednesday

June 12th: Game Jam


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Thank you, EVERYONE, for listening!

  2 Responses to “Episode 18: Rowsdower BBQ”

  1. problem with your opinion about guards on pve server is that when you dont wanna pvp you go on pve server on if it would be as you want I will have all my quest givers and vendors dead because guards will be useless.

    • Making the vendors and quest givers immune to attack would take care of that. Sometimes, just the provocation of having enemy players in your base would make people flag, who would normally never do open world PvP. It gives options to the OWPvPer to go to a PvE server with friends and have the OWPvP experience they desire.

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