Jun 092013

wdstr_screen_016This week finds Carla, Drew & Joe talk all about guilds, circles, housing, stress test and more! They also discuss the latest from Jeff Kurtenacker, Gortok, Economy, and more!


  1.  Joe Piepiora on Guilds, Circles, and Housing http://wildstaronline.de/threads/questions-for-joe-piepiora-on-housing-guilds-and-circles.4177/
  2. Jeff Kurtenacker interview on The Scowling Cassian – http://scowlingcassian.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-music-of-wildstar-q-with-jeff.html
  3. Gortok on level-cap gear – http://www.wildstarfans.net/2013/06/carbine-econ-designer-gortok-has-been.html#more
  4. New #WSUplink on Economy – https://twitter.com/Team_WildStar/status/341967444916707328
  5. Taugrim on two issues plaguing game developers – http://taugrim.com/2013/06/06/the-two-big-issues-plaguing-mmorpg-game-developers/
  6. Polycount’s Wildstar Behind The Scenes – http://www.polycount.com/2013/06/03/wildstar-behind-the-scenes/

Wildstar Wednesday

June 5th: Stress Test Post-mortem


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