May 092013

A new post was put on the Wildstar website today, and it is one that promises lots of future information. It is starting a series of videos called DevSpeak. We saw the first one a few weeks ago on Housing, and today they put one up on Movement.

As is usual, they started with a few frames of their Easter Egged disclaimers. They were, as usual, hilarious. Particularly funny is the URL they told people to go to in the last frame of the disclaimer, which you can actually follow. As a reminder it is dft dot ba slash dash, and then the first word of each of the first three paragraphs of the M30 patch notes post. So a little something like this I kid you not, this was the actual link mentioned, and it was their prank, not mine.

Also mentioned in the video are “serious” things like their different kinds of movement. They mentioned the usual WASD, mouse turning, and jumping. They then added double jump, rolling, and sprint, which by the way can be used while jumping. Jumping puzzles will be so much more fun with so many options!

In short, go and check out the video. It is pretty funny, informative, and exciting all at the same time.

  2 Responses to “Straight from the Devs: DevSpeak”

  1. Some intriguing video there …
    particularly around 0:52 – 0:55 two handed guns seem kinda neat.
    also around 1:08 – 1:10 curious object on the back of what appears to be a known class.

    also thoughts on the disarm mechanic 2:20

  2. Yeah, we have seen that rifle show up in a lot of videos. I imagine that one of the classes that has yet to be released uses a rifle. I actually didn’t like the strafing animation though.

    For the disarm mechanic, I like it. All CC’s in Wildstar will have two things that can end them. One is the usual “wait-out-the-timer” type of thing seen in other games. The other is their “breakout-play” system that will allow players to actively end the CC early by doing some mini-game-type thing to get out of it. For the disarm mechanic, you have to go get your weapon that is physically lying on the ground somewhere. For the root mechanic, you will have to attack the thing holding onto your feet. But just think about if you got hit with both because of a coordinated Arena team or something. Then you couldn’t attack your root, because your weapon is needed and is lying over there, but you can’t go get it because you are rooted. It makes for some interesting scenarios.

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