May 062013
aurins memeshepard meme wildstar

Drew and Joe unsuccessfully try to stick to the topics of the closed beta leaks, contests, and the EU Arkship, while getting distracted by WoW, LOTRO, SWTOR, TSW, STO, dolphin noises, Babylon 5, Adam West as Batman, crazy hair, and more!

News Around Nexus:


  1. Leaked Patch Notes
  2. EU Arkship underway
  3. EU Arkship Update 2
  4. Settler in Exile Settler Pin contest
  5. Reddit responses to leaked patch notes


Wildstar Wednesday


April 17th A Missive from the Field


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Thank you, EVERYONE, for listening!

  One Response to “Episode 12: Ramblin’ Men”

  1. It really was so much data to consume, but a happy deluge.
    Great episode as always.

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