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I recently changed my goals in Wildstar for my main character to include the Scientist path. For those who don’t know what the Scientist is, you should check out the post Torvox did a few weeks ago, called “Which Path Will You Take?“.

The Scientist path, along with the Settler path, has not been talked about very much. We know a few things, but in general, the gameplay is left up to our imagination. For this reason, I was initially planning to go Soldier, seeing as I had actually tried this path at Arkship and liked it.

As I considered my decision, with the new information about the housing system that made me want to create a lab, I realized that I would really prefer to roleplay a Scientist, as that is what I am in real life (well, grad student in chemistry anyway). So here is my backstory, written in true Scientific fashion. I hope you like this little dive into roleplay. What is your character’s backstory?

Hit the jump to read Geldarion’s backstory!


A study of nanostructures in girrok scales with applications to biomechanized armor

Primary researcher: Geldar Degana, Ph.D

Abstract: In recent decades, frequent skirmishes with Dominion forces have indicated the need for increased research into biomechanical armoring. Like conventional armoring, biomechanical armor protects the user from projectile, edged, and energetic attacks, but it is often lighter and stronger than conventional armoring, and it has the added benefit of “healing” in between conflicts, especially when combined with bioregenerative implants. Current technologies are expensive and difficult to manufacture, especially in large quantities. Several species of a carnivorous quadrupeds on Nexus, called girrok, have protective scales on their backs, the study of which could be illuminating in the search for a cheaper and more efficient construction of biomechanical armoring.

Literature review: According to Greenwater et. al. (1659), the girrok are a fierce, carnivorous quadruped that is protected by a thick layer of scales on its back. Preliminary samples of these scales exhibit strong nanoscale infrastructure and shock-absorbing fibers.

Research hypothesis: A detailed study of the girrok’s scales will be done. Differentials in chemical composition will be analyzed with IR spectroscopy and gas chromatography. Tests of infinitesimal strain and linear elasticity will be performed with a forced resonance analyzer. Collection of scales will require lethal force, but the investigator is military-trained, so the only additional resource required will be a pair of fine-tuned pistols.

Conclusion: Investigation into biomechanical armor has already been approved by The Exiles Academy of Science. Inquiry into the specific applications of the girrok’s scales is seen by many researchers in the field as the next step towards efficient and practical manufacturing methods for these biomechanical armors. Study of the girrok could be the next decisive blow in the ongoing conflict with the Dominion.


L. Greenwater and D. Walker Journal of The Exiles Acad. of Sci. 1659, 82, 488-494

  2 Responses to “Wildstar Roleplay: A Research Proposal”

  1. I plan to go scientist as well but my character bio isn’t fleshed out yet. I’m still waiting for the last two classes to be announced.

  2. Great RP write up for your character going Scientist!
    The Settler Path sounds neat. I like the idea of building things in-game. That reminds me of SWG and helping to make buildings and travel hubs for player cities.
    I am also agree with Torvox…it will be interesting what the other two paths are in the game.

    I am correct Paths are different from Crafting or did you all get a chance to see Crafting etc at Arkship?

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