Apr 152013

This week Carla returns and visits with her cohosts Drew and Joe! They are joined by special guest Mike aka Arawulf from WildstarFans.net. They jabber on about server infrastructure (well, Joe jabbers about that), the start of Closed Beta, item slots, and other cool Wildstar-y things. Hit the jump for links and fun!

News Around Nexus:


  1. Let’s Talk About Servers
  2. CARLA: Twitter Warnings
  3. DREW: #WSUplink this week is “What do you enjoy about tradeskills?”
  4. JOE: BogOtter/Richie Procopio has a new Wildstar show
  5. CARLA: Late Night Dominion (Live Thursday @ 10:00 EST)
  6. DREW: Wildstar Central: Design an Item Slot
  7. JOE: Warplots.com
  8. CARLA: Settler In Exile contest


Wildstar Wednesday


April 10th: A Picture…


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  One Response to “Episode 11: We Cry Arawulf”

  1. Thanks for the bump for our contest, we sure enjoy your podcast and we look forward to it weekly. Your circle ideas are spot on, I am thinking that Circles could be also for high end crafters to connect and with the discussion about collaborative crafting it could be very cool.

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