Mar 102013

This week Carla, Drew & Joe talk all about PvP, music, faction war, roleplay and other awesome things about Wildstar! Craziness and links inside! Hit the jump for the fun!

News Around The Nexus:

  1. Uplink Analysis: PvP
  2. MMORPG article on the “Soul of Wildstar”
  3. Faction war ramps up on Twitter
  4. Wildstar’s Roleplay chat awesomeness

Wildstar Wednesday:

March 6th:

Player-Created Content:

Wildstar Fan Music – Matthew Shine @mshinemusic on Twitter

Who’s the Tank?

DISCUSSION: Mods and Houston/Apollo

Get in the discussion! Read:

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  6 Responses to “Episode 5: Smooth and Sweet Like Billy Joel”

  1. Hi Carla. I just clicked the wildstar radio link on otg website. Started looking at the WS videos. When I saw this one I had to roll on the floor laughing.. IT IS YOU!!! ha ha ha ha

  2. Drew…. you cracked me up on saying you use to create characters in CoH just to make them. I use to do the same thing!

    • LOL! Yeah, that was the best part of the game, IMO. I’ve been playing DCUO recently, but their character creator is sadly lacking in comparison to CoH. I miss that game!

      I’m here for you on CoH btw. We can be a support group. :)

      • Yeah, I actually won some costume contest back in the day when the community would run those in Atlas. Man, I’ve been listening to ya’lls pod casts a lot recently and speaking of community. Things like that make a great community, not just guild run, but server run, sponsored maybe by a guild, but for everyone. I played Guild Wars for years and was in one of the biggest guilds there. We did stuff all the time for the community. We were equally respected and hated by others. I recently stopped played Tera because of the lack of maturity in the global channel. Yes I know I can turn it off, but then I’d miss LFG stuff. I hope and pray this game plays more like the LoTro and Rift community.

        • Amen, brother! LOTRO has such a fantastic community, even post-F2P. It will be interesting to see how F2P affects Rift as well.

          It is great to have big guilds create community events. I know Old Timers Guild on the Shadowlands server in SWTOR often runs events to foster that feeling of community, so I imagine we will do the same thing in Wildstar.

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