Feb 132013

What the hell kind of title is that? Well, it’s not just that Carbine Studios has updated the appearance of their WildStar website ¬†(www.wildstar-online.com), but also because they have added some long-desired and highly anticipated information in the form of YouTube videos. Also, it’s because titles made with alliteration¬†are 30% cooler than other titles. We totally have metrics on that*.

First, the site design looks awesome. Check it out. ‘Nuff said.

Second, the videos show us an introduction to the Dominion. What’s so great? Well, it shows one totally amazing thing, and puts a lot of people’s fears to rest – the Dominion aren’t going to be all serious-business high-drama low-humor hooligans. They’re going to be just as witty and humorous as the Exiles, as you can see:

Third, they introduce a new class – the Stalker. I hope they mean like stealthy butt-kicker and not heavy-breathing window-peeper. I’m sure they do, right?

In the words of that cute redhead** in the Exiles video… ” I’m so excited I might wet mah britches!”

But I won’t.



* No we don’t. It’s not even real alliteration. – Joe

** She has a name, I know. It’s Kit Brinny. – Joe

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  1. I love the new update to the site, it looks great! The videos were amazing too, I wonder though, are those the in game graphics?

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